Need for Speed Open-World mobile game is in development based on recent job listing

EA appears to be collaborating with Tencent's TiMi Studios on the development of Need for Speed Online Mobile, a new open-world mobile game set in the Need for Speed universe. After spotting job advertisements on Tencent Careers for 3D animators, gameplay planners, design specialists, and other positions, Reddit user RemKiad initially published the information. Call of Duty: Mobile, Arena of Valor, and Pokemon Unite were all developed by EA in collaboration with TiMi Studios. Although neither EA nor TiMi have acknowledged any details regarding the project, given their previous development expertise, it's safe to conclude that a Need for Speed open world mobile game is in the works.


The game appears to be in development, as Tencent is hiring for Need for Speed mobile development. In an open-world atmosphere, players may expect the same Need for Speed racing gameplay experience. However, how well the game's open-world holds up remains to be seen. A barren open world with only beautiful graphics and little more to do is far worse than not having one at all. EA could definitely do something along the lines of the Forza Horizon games, which feature an open environment with multiple races, stunts, speed traps, drift zones, and more. The game may also allow online multiplayer races with participants from all over the world.

Currently, there are few specifics about the Need for Speed mobile game, but EA is expected to make an announcement soon. Later this year, when there may be more information about the development, the game could enter the testing phase.


The original job listing is in Chinese, but as per translation by gamingonphone, one of the positions is looking to fill the following responsibility:

“The design of the various gameplay modes of the big world realistic racing mobile game or the design of the racing 3C experience; the compilation of various related design plans and demand lists; the decision-making and follow-up of various tasks in the research and development process to ensure quality and smooth communication within the group; follow Advance and analyze statistical data, formulate follow-up optimization plans based on data and feedback, and follow up specific development.”

According to the aforementioned job description, the game will be developed as a mobile-only release and will be placed in an open environment for players to explore.

TiMi is primarily known for mobile games including Call of Duty Mobile, Pokemon Unite, and Arena of Valor, all of which were developed by TiMi. With EA on board, it's possible it'll be inspired by the 2010 PC MMO Need for Speed: World.

As of now, neither EA nor TiMi have verified any of this, but more information should be available in the coming future, so stay tuned.