Neople Introduces Dungeon & Fighter Overkill, A New 3D Side-Scrolling Action MMO for PC

As fans await news on the 3D open world MMORPG Project BBQ, Neople announces a new Dungeon Fighter game tentatively called Dungeon & Fighter Overkill.


It was revealed last Tuesday that Nexon and Neople is working on a new 3D side-scrolling action MMO based on the original Dungeon & Fighter online game. It will be powered using Unreal Engine 4 and will be aiming for PC platforms. Since there has been no new features announced, Dungeon & Fighter Overkill is expected to be a massive 3D graphical remake of the original game.

Dungeon & Fighter Overkill is still in the early stages of development and will be handled by Overkill Studio, a development team from Neople. This announcement was to highlight that they are aiming to recruit and hire various positions to help begin the game's core development. There may not be a schedule for its release just yet, but rest assured it is underway.


The game will feature familiar Dungeon Fighter Online classes such as Fighter and Priest with great artwork and rendered in stunning graphic quality. The game's artwork is also no joke. You can watch Dungeon & Fighter Overkill's official game teaser video below to see a glimpse of the game's graphic and characters.

Dungeon & Fighter Overkill is still fairly in early development. Aside from it sticking to the side-scrolling view, there is still not much details available. Although, developers have launched an official website hinting that it is a sequel to the original Dungeon Fighter Online. You can check it out to view the game's short description teaser trailer, screenshots, and also view a list of available vacancies for their job hiring.