Net Central Gaming League -January 23 - PHP 2500 (All Branches)


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Aug 21, 2015
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Title: Net Central Dota 2 Mini Leagues - Dota 2 Tournament Philippines
Game: Dota 2
Description: Non Pro Friendly Dota 2 Mini Leagues - Citywide Only. Simultaneous but separate. Maximum of 32 Teams, Starts 10:AM

Match Type: Internet Cafe
Event Date: January 23 2016 Saturday
Prize Details
1st Prize : PHP 2500
2nd Second Prize: PHP 1000
3rd Prize: PHP 500
Address: All Net Central Branches in Philippines


Other Details:
- Please be reminded that this is for non pro players
- A team should consist of 5 Non Pro Players or 1 Class S and 4 Class B
- A team consisting of 2-5 class s members will be disqualified


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