NetEase Champions #ThisIsPassion Through Esports

Esports is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and perhaps one of the only few sports that isn’t significantly affected by the ongoing global pandemic.

The world of professional sports has ground to a halt ever since the COVID-19 outbreak got progressively worse all around the globe, with traditional leagues like the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Basketball (MLB), and National Hockey League (NHL) deciding to suspend their season or operate in a limited capacity. Esports on the other hand, even though affected just as much by the pandemic with multiple live events being cancelled in every game title, has shown it can quickly adjust and prosper in this ‘new normal.’

The esports industry’s passionate leaders help it power through the tough times. Esports’ flexibility when it comes to holding tournaments and competitions while operating remotely has allowed it to thrive in this crisis. NetEase, one of the biggest gaming firms in the world, and publisher of popular game titles such as Rules of Survival, Tom and Jerry: Chase, and MARVEL Super War, is capitalizing on this fact.

The Return of Top Clans

NetEase Champions.png

NetEase is looking to keep the esports momentum going in Southeast Asia by launching Top Clans 2020, one of the biggest esports tournaments of the year, with extravagant prize pools, multiple game titles, and a prestigious production value, in a full play-at-home, online format.

Top Clans 2020, slated to begin on September 26, 2020, has expanded to (5) five competitive game titles. Joining Rules of Survival in the roster are popular game titles DOTA 2, MARVEL Super War, TEKKEN 7, and NetEase's newly released game, Tom and Jerry: Chase.

#ThisIsPassion Highlights the Stories of Esports

Alongside the return of the prestigious Top Clans tournament, NetEase is highlighting the different esports industry leaders with the launch of their #ThisisPassion campaign. The campaign aims to share the stories and experiences of industry stakeholders.

Top Clans 2019 held at Le Pavilion.jpg

Passionate fans flocked Top Clans 2019 held at Le Pavilion, in Pasay, Manila on November 16, 2019 to cheer and support their favorite Rules of Survival teams

NetEase has always been more than just a game platform and publisher. NetEase has done its best to help the growth of esports at all levels through our events, programs, and games. In the future, NetEase Games will continue to uphold its philosophy of ‘ingenuity and innovation’, and work with many partners around the world to create high-quality games that can be shared and loved by players

Passion has been the driving force for a lot of individuals who took a leap to jumpstart their career in esports. Be it the streamers toiling every day establish their own fan base while playing their favorite game, aspiring esports athletes training day and night hoping to become the next superstar athlete that will represent the Philippines in international tournaments, or even the casual gamer cheering at home for his/her favorite team during their match.

Le Savage.png

Le Savage, the championship squad of Top Clans 2020, has inspired thousands of fans to pursue their dream in esports

We also can’t overlook the invaluable contribution of various video live streaming platforms and services such as Twitch, NimoTV, eGG Network in helping NetEase bring all the esports and gaming action at the comfort of our homes during this pandemic. NetEase partnered with these streaming platforms to ensure that everyone can continue supporting their favorite teams and players this upcoming Top Clans 2020.

Top Clans 2020.jpg

Meanwhile, non-endemic brands’ partnership with NetEase such as Likee, a global short video creation and sharing platform and famous video making app, as well as Kumu, a Philippine community platform where you can get paid by becoming a livestreamer, win cash prizes by playing live games, and make money by participating in various promotions, are a great testament to the exceptional growth of esports in Southeast Asia.

The unity of game developers, publishers, brands, esports pros, and even casual gamers, has enabled the esports industry to prove its resiliency compared to other professional sports. Thus esports continues to thrive, and NetEase is at the forefront of that together with all of these industry leaders behind them to continue providing the best competitive and viewing experience for everyone.

It’s not easy to take the leap to start the journey in esports. Therefore, Netease is taking the initiative to recognize the warriors behind these stories and inspire the world with their stories. Everybody is invited to submit their #ThisIsPassion stories to [email protected] and be part of this campaign.

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