Netease FPS Mobile Game 'Project M' Accused Of Ripping Off Of Riot Games' VALORANT

Following the release of a new trailer for its upcoming first-person shooter mobile game, Chinese video game company NetEase is now being accused of ripping off Riot Games' VALORANT due to the game bearing a striking resemblance to the latter's gameplay and visual graphics.


Riot Games made a significant step forward as a company in 2020 by releasing their first major FPS title. Since its initial release in June of 2020, VALORANT has proven to be a huge hit for Riot Games, generating millions of dollars in revenue. It is a free-to-play 5v5 character-based tactical FPS where precise gunplay meets unique agent abilities. With its unique art style and interesting gameplay, VALORANT has managed to stand amongst other FPS giants such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch.


Although Valorant has indeed enjoyed tremendous success, the fact that the game is only available on the PC has kept it from benefiting from the untapped potential that comes with PC games being ported to mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. When Riot was asked if they were working on a mobile version of Valorant, they responded positively, stating that they were aiming to capitalize on that market. This is also due to a number of PC games having found huge success in transitioning to mobile platforms such as PUBG and Call of Duty.

However, other companies are trying to take advantage of VALORANT's popularity and the fact that it hasn't released a mobile version yet. Chinese video game company NetEase recently released a trailer for Project M, a brand new 5v5 FPS mobile game that has been accused of copying VALORANT for its uncanny resemblance with Riot’s FPS. Not only that, but the name “Project M” as a title is one of the most obvious similarities between the two considering how VALORANT was initially named as “Project A”. The game is also looking to launch a closed beta test soon.

The video trailer features some of Project M's gameplay where fans noticed a huge resemblance with VALORANT in most aspects. It shows a 5v5 gameplay where players shoot it out against the opposing team using agents from the game, each with their own special abilities. The trailer also contained several elements that were described as a "borderline copy" from Riot's tactical shooting game by one commenter named Karlson Chee. "They didn’t even try to change it. They just straight up rip off VALORANT. Same ability, same gun concept, same kill vfx," he said.


From the game's visual art style, its environment, the open battlefields, characters, weapons, HUD, music, and sound design, Project M indeed looks like a straight up VALORANT rip off. Even the font used seems to be similar. Although Riot hasn't taken legal actions yet, the community is already expecting another lawsuit unless Project M's developers decide to make changes at the time of its beta launch. As stated by another trailer commenter named Daveigh Caigoy, "Can’t wait for another lawsuit from Riot."


Riot Games already have a similar experience when another mobile game blatantly copied several aspects from one of its biggest games, League of Legends. Knowing the company, they will surely not stand idly by. We will see some time soon if Riot Games has anything to say about this.