NetEase Games brews up a storm with 'Hurricane Strike' update for doomsday survival title, LifeAfter

Guild of Guardians
Join the nearly 20 million registered players as Mother Nature ramps up the pressure from 17th September. NetEase Games is thrilled to announce that Hurricane Strike - the latest update to its hit doomsday-survival game, LifeAfter - will be launching on iOS, Android and PC from 17th September.

Hurricane Strike a.jpg

Immerse yourself in the world of LifeAfter as it is assaulted by hurricanes and persistent rain on a scale never before seen in the survival genre. This is no mere visual effect - every action can have an impact on your health, hunger and ability to survive.

Santopany and Nancy City will experience sustained low-level typhoons and rainfall. Hurricane will randomly appear on the map. Intense hurricanes will also sweep through Santopany from time to time, which will send any Infected or players they come into contact with flying into the air and bring them back down to the ground after the timer ends. The wind direction in Nancy City will change randomly, adding an element of surprise and making players' adventures more exciting.

Hurricane Strike b.jpg

With the threat of game altering super cyclones just around the corner at any time, players can be wrenched from the ground and flung into the air unless they seek cover or improvise a personal anchor. How long can you hold on to that pick-axe wedged into a nearby tree?

When a hurricane hits, players need to find shelter or hang on to a nearby structure by any means necessary. The longer the winds persist, the faster you will tire. But if you manage to balance the stamina bar in a correct way, you would be able to hold on as long as the storm passes. If the player fails to enter shelter or reach a save anchor point, they will be blown away and fall unconscious.

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Beyond the threat from the elements, players will discover a wealth of new gameplay options-
  • Rescuing stranded refugees from the waters around Santopany and Nancy City
  • Sure up sea defenses and piers with material airdrops
  • Research the weather phenomenon
  • Flotsam and Jetsam - gather "flying fish" that literally fall from the sky or defeat any infected caught up in the typhoon
Hurricane Strike d.jpg

The Hurricane Strike update is scheduled to launch across iOS, Android and PC from 17th September but there is much, much more to come from LifeAfter throughout 2020 so make sure to stay tuned.

Click HERE to download the base game in preparation for the update. Please visit the official website and fanpage to stay up to date with new updates!

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