NetEase Games mobile first-person shooter game Hyper Front will be shutting down its services on April 10

NetEase Games online shooter-based game Hyper Front is confirmed to be shutting down its services on April 10, 2023.

hyper front.jpg

The reason behind the shutdown of the game was not revealed but there are speculations that it may be because of the case that Riot Games filed against the game as it resembles Riot’s hit video gaming title Valorant. With the latest development, it seems like Hyper Front lost in the proceedings as the game is now shutting down.

Hyper Front has features that were very similar to the original Valorant title. Aside from the common roster of characters to choose from who have different power ups and gameplay options that can fit your playstyle, the game also has a whole arsenal of different weapons that you can browse to see if anything fits your preference. But the ultimate giveaway that the game was a Valorant knockoff was its environment which is sci-fi. Not only did it feel like you were playing Valorant but it also felt like you were seeing Valorant as well.

hyper front1.jpg

It may be good while it lasts but this is the end of the road for Hyper Front. The reason may be really because of its likeness to Valorant but we will never know unless the developers reveal it. Stay tuned for more announcements about the game!