NetEase Games' newest casual game Powerdise gets Early Access for Android in selected region

Exptional Global, the new worldwide publishing division of none other than NetEase Games, is pleased to present Powerdise, a brand-new casual game. Early access to the game Powerdise is currently available in Southeast Asia, which includes countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and others. On Android, the closed beta test or early access period will run from April 26, 2024, until May 2, 2024. Regarding the iOS version and the worldwide release, there is currently no information available.


With friends, you can explore the city full of secrets and mini-events in Powerdise, a game that aims to provide a casual gaming experience, or you can take part in the game's major feature, the Sky Arena Cube Wars. Cube Wars at Sky Arena is a classic team competition in the city where participants must ensure that they collaborate as a team to accomplish team goals.

In order for the players to respawn, it is imperative that you destroy the opposing cube in Cube Wars. The team with the most players still alive at the end of the round wins the entire game since once the Cubes are destroyed, players cannot respawn.


You can use unique abilities and weaponry throughout the game to get an advantage over your opponents. You can select the ideal weapon based on your requirements from a selection of over 20 different things, each of which has a special function that is present during the rounds.

Every map will contain traps that you can utilize to your advantage to outmaneuver your opponents on the strategic front. On the battlefield, fog, thunderstorms, and bubbles with no gravity will all erupt at unpredictable moments. Make sure to plan ahead and gain the upper hand over your opponents. You can put your pals to the test in a variety of ways, such as team fights, fights, mystery box opens, and much more.


You may now download and play the game Powerdise on your Android device in some regions. You can download Powerdise on Android via Google Play, but as of right now, there is no information available on the iOS version, so check back soon.