NetEase Games Oriental-Themed MMO Mobile Game Bloomblade Launches Globally

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Return to the age of the early Tang Dynasty and compose an epic love ballad in olden tunes. Bloomblade, an Oriental Chinoiserie Themed MMO developed by NetEase Games, today officially launched a Simplified Chinese version globally. This highly praised MMO mobile game with over 5 million downloads in Chinese mainland is now inviting players around the globe to enter "Jianghu" with five main characters and thousands of chivalrous swordsmen and to embark on an oriental fantasy adventure taking place in the Tang Dynasty.

During the first week of its initial launch in the Chinese mainland, Bloomblade ranked No. 3 on Top Free Games in App Store. With this official international launch, the elegant charm of the Oriental Chinoiserie art style of Bloomblade is now available for players globally.

Return to the Tang Dynasty and embark on a fantasy adventure composed of Romance, Action, and Chivalry.

Oriental-Chinoiserie (also known as "Gufeng(古风)") and Romance are two key elements of the game. Bloomblade seeks to authentically portray the interpersonal connection, social structure, and environmental ambiance of "Jianghu."

The story of Bloomblade sets in the prosperous Chang'an, capital of the Tang Dynasty, amid an era where love and hatred often intertwined. Each scene in the game is carefully designed to portray the enchanting, poetic-charm of the Oriental-Chinoiserie aesthetics that encourage the players to immerse themselves within the scenes and encounter romance that blossoms into a wondrous love story.

For this purpose, Bloomblade features a "Free Love Mode," allowing players to embrace love wholeheartedly. Upon entering Jianghu for the first time, the fate of three heroes with different characteristics will collide with yours. Will your heart long for the domineering Lord Li Shouqian, the delightful Mentor Han Zigao, or the Emperor Li Shimin?

As an old saying goes, "one dolls oneself for those who love them." Bloomblade features a comprehensive character customization system that allows the players to sculpt their avatar and put on different makeup. From the angles of the eyebrow to the gleam of the eyes, and from eye shadows to facial contours, every aspect of the face can be adjusted freely to realistically portrait your dream character.

Menace and peril lurk in Jianghu; blade and violence make up the rules

Apart from romance, Bloomblade provides exciting action-adventure elements for the players to engage in Jianghu. Players may choose to fight your way to the top or lead a life of leisure and serenity.

Players are offered to join one of the five sects: Diehua, Shaolin, Shushan, Xuanbing, and Yingyue to study martial arts and develop unique skills that allow them to fend for themselves during their deadly encounters in Jianghu. It's dangerous to tread alone in Jianghu. One could choose the path of a lone swordsman or form a guild with like-minded heroes and participate in the weekly bounty quests to maintain the justice of Jianghu.

Moreover, Bloomblade also provides a "Life System" that leads players away from Jianghu. This system offers high levels of freedom. Players may enjoy lotus-watching in the summer, thumping on snow in the winter, play Pipa and Guzheng in the Spring and many more leisure activities ranging from fishing, swinging, traveling, to a boundless selection of carefree ventures.

We look forward to your participation in "Jianghu" and let's embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

Bloomblade is now only available in Simplified Chinese, for versions in other languages, follow our official Facebook page for updates!

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