NetEase Games Partnered With eGG Network to Bring SEA Gamers Together

In the recently concluded Top Clans 2020, NetEase Games partnered with eGG Network to bring together gamers from all across the Southeast Asian region.


In times of adversity, it is the banding together of people that helps them thrive. This year, we were hit by a terrible pandemic which changed the way we live our lives. But as the world moves on and we cope with the new normal, we also continue to provide quality entertainment to get people’s minds off their problems.

That’s why for Top Clans 2020, NetEase Games strived to bring a smile to gamers everywhere in Southeast Asia. They did this by partnering with key figures in the esports industry.

One of these key partners is the eGG Network, Southeast Asia’s first 24/7 esports & gaming channel. Through eGG Network, NetEase Games was able to reach more than eight countries in the region to bring to them the latest news and updates about Top Clans 2020, not to mention the live streams through the eGG Network channels.

NetEase Games thanks eGG Network’s never-ending support of Top Clans 2020. The partnership was fruitful, as gamers and fans were able to support their teams by watching their games and staying updated of their match results.

"eGG Network is glad to be partners with NetEase for Top Clans 2020. We hope gamers enjoyed watching the tournament with its wide variety of games on our channel that's available across 8 countries in Southeast Asia,” says Lee Choong Khay, Head of Sports of eGG Network, Astro.

“The pandemic has proven that esports and gaming are here to stay, as it offers an engaging distraction for people at home looking for social interaction. With the rise of mobile games, we’re also excited that more people can join the ever-growing gaming community. Let’s all stay safe and hope that we can soon return to big arenas to watch esports tournaments together."

Both NetEase Games and eGG Network are committed to providing quality entertainment to fans all over Southeast Asia even through hard times. It is their way of helping gamers achieve their passion for esports, so that all people could experience the passion NetEase has for gaming.

Moving forward, NetEase Games will continue pursuing their passion for esports and gaming. Future cooperation with eGG Network can be expected as NetEase Games continues to bring high quality entertainment to esports fans in the SEA region. This is Passion.

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