NetEase Games’ Popular MOBA Onmyoji Arena is Entering the Season 8 with Lunar New Year Celebrations

Developed by NetEase Games, the Japanese anime-style MOBA Onmyoji Arena has entered Season 8. At this major update, the long expected Shikigami - Onikiri has joined the arena with its original designed Cyberpunk-themed skin. S8 limted Entertainment mode Chaos Realm, which players can mix and match Shikigami and Skills will go live. In addition, Lunar New Year events will be dropped with new Legendary skins and in-game bonus.

Onmyoji Arena - Brand new trailer "SURVIVE"

Born as part of the Onmyoji series, Onmyoji Arena has been trying to explore an unique path for IP extension and recreation. Based on the plentiful original characters, Onmyoji Arena has released original skin series such as Campus and Steampunk, which are loved by many players. A brand-new theme series - Metacognitive Decoding will drop as the newly released Onikiri to be the first to dress up.

What is worth mentioning, Onikiri (VA Kosuke Toriumi) is the VOCAL of the Onmyoji Arena’s 2nd anniversary theme song“Survive” .

Video of Onikiri

By log-in to Season 8 Onmyojis will be able to have a close interaction with Onikiri (Samurai), Minamoto’s strongest weapon. Onikiri has a strong attack output ability, which can also be enhanced by its 3 swords. When either side is low on HP, Onikiri’s ultimate ability can be triggered and to induce high damage on its enemies.

Other than Onikiri joining the party, Season 8 has also opened a new gaming mode -- Chaos Realm. By entering this mode, players will be able to mix and match their favorite Shikigami and skill sets for battle. More possibilities await players to discover.

As the Lunar New Year is around the corner, it is a tradition for the Onmyoji Arena family to host a Grand Celebration.

New Skin Discount for three weeks of release. Hana and Momo are the luckiest to get new legendary skins. Both skins are created following Chinese traditional aesthetics and Characters’ stories.

For 2020 is the year of Rat, a new Shikigami -- Tesso will bring wealth and happiness to the arena.

Log-in Bonus will be opened:

l Onmyojis who are level 10 or above will receive Log-in Red Envelope and New Year Lucky Card between January 24th and January 26th. Random gifts of Jade, Wish Emma and rare props will appear from Red Envelopes. By collecting Lucky Cards, Blessing Daruma, limited Picture Frame and Broadcast Theme will be presented to enthusiastic Onmyojis.

l Up till January 30th Onmyojis will enjoy bonus gold coins and character proficiency throughout the day for daily log-in.

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