NetEase Games' Revelation Mobile Goes Live - Will There Be A Global Release? iOS Android 

NetEase Games has been a massive figure in the mobile industry for a long time already. And speaking of a long time, one of 2017's greatest MMORPG hit, Revelation Online, finally made some noise once again. Netease recently launched the mobile version of Revelation Online in China. I guess the mobile porting race is still ongoing despite the release of next-gen consoles. Well, let's take a look at what Netease has in store.​


Looks great, doesn't it? Just to share my experience, I played Revelation Online back in 2017. If I'm going to name that year for NetEase, it was the start of their Glorious Era. Months after the worldwide release of Revelation Online, Rules of Survival came into the picture and exploded for the next couple of years. But, going back to Revelation, the game was phenomenal. Graphic and design quality is really stylish and innovative. And that flying mechanism was a refreshing experience for me.​


Well, all games have flaws and imperfections, which some people may call bugs. But, it was still great. If you haven't played Genshin and went back in time, one might say that it was the Genshin of 2017. It wasn't as "open" as the open-world of Genshin, but it has the vibe of giving you the freedom to fly, drop, and climb too. The character designs and overall mechanics are pretty good if we're still living in 2017. But comparing it to today's standard, it may have dropped down from awesome to "meh, good enough".​


We've tried to compare it to the present standard of MMORPG, Genshin Impact, so why not look at what advantages does Revelation has in its hand. Well, the only things that I can see are the missing MMORPG components that Genshin didn't implement such as marriages, guilds, and fully functioning socialization. Revelation got them, folks! If Revelation Mobile will have the same functions such as the PC version, you'll be able to see other players within the map just like how a usual MMORPG goes.​


There are some beta gameplays available on Youtube that you can search. But, I don't recommend watching them if you're expecting highly of the game. The beta footage on Youtube might not reflect the current quality of Revelation Mobile. As for the game itself, it's already available in TapTap and you may check out the link below.

The question of whether the game will have a global launch is still vague. Just like any other game, it will highly depend on its success in China. If everything goes well, then we might have a chance to see it on our mobile devices soon. But, for the Revelation fans out there, all we can do now is hope and wait. And to give you hope, just look at how the current Revelation Online stands. It's still alive after almost 4 years of operation and it's being managed by the giant Netease.​


Credits! All credits go to NetEase Games, of course. The images and content used all belong to NetEase. Revelation Online still has a solid fan base so we're hoping for the success of its mobile port. May we all get the chance to play the game on our own mobile devices one day.

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