NetEase Games’ Top Clans 2020 Brought Passion to SEA Gamers Amid Pandemic

Guild of Guardians
For the past two months, NetEase Games delivered quality gaming entertainment to esports fans around the world through Top Clans 2020. Featuring five of the most popular esports titles, Top Clans 2020 had a lot in store for all kinds of esports fans.

Fans of Dota 2, MARVEL Super War, TEKKEN 7, Tom and Jerry: Chase, and Rules of Survival enjoyed top-tier competition between SEA’s top clans. Despite not being able to push through with a physical event, NetEase Games still delivered a very engaging program that millions of fans enjoyed.

Top Clans 2020 breakthrough Top Clans Arena to unite SEA fans

Top Clans 2020 improved upon the successful Top Clans Arena a year before. In 2019, Top Clans Arena reached record numbers for Rules of Survival, in terms of the prize pool, participants, and audience size. Top Clans Arena was viewed by millions of fans all over the world and introduced a new battlefield for teams to showcase their skills.

Top Clans 2020 also expanded upon the success of Top Clans Arena by adding four more titles: the hide-and-seek game Tom and Jerry: Chase, the esports classics TEKKEN 7 and Dota 2, and finally, the emerging mobile MOBA, MARVEL Super War. NetEase Games didn’t just

expand the tournament to make it more prestigious. The decision was made to make Top Clans 2020 more inclusive, as the passion for gaming exists outside of Rules of Survival.

The two tournaments show NetEase Games’ consistency in its advocacy and the progression of Top Clans of becoming a true esports series. Following its current trajectory, Top Clans Esports will only continue to get better, driven by the passion NetEase Games has for gaming.

Top Clans 2020 revitalized esports teams across different titles

Top Clans 2020’s inclusion of the new titles helped preserve their respective communities. With a major tournament hosting them, it ensured that each game title will have enough support to sustain its community. The announcement of Top Clans 2020 gave hope to teams and organizations involved in these titles, as tournaments have dwindled throughout the year due to the pandemic. It’s like a lifeline for some, and a big opportunity to prove themselves for many.

The tournament provided an avenue for esports athletes, both to new and veteran players alike. It gave a stage for emerging esports titles like Tom and Jerry: Chase, as well as a battlefield for veterans in well-established esports like Dota 2. All teams were thankful for the opportunity, and wish for more tournaments from NetEase Games in the future.

Top Clans 2020 unified SEA fans under one banner

Fans, on the other hand, were given shows to watch at a time when esports events have become few and far apart. Tournaments the scale of Top Clans 2020 have dwindled steadily throughout the year, so the arrival of Top Clans 2020 helped rejuvenate their esports scenes. To recognize the fans’ passion for their games, lucky fans were given various rewards throughout the tournament. Victorious teams weren’t the only ones who brought home prizes, the fans did, too.

Acknowledging the eagerness of the fans, NetEase Games partnered with Nation Ambassadors who filled the gaps between tournament days. With constant engagement available, Top Clans made sure that fans were entertained all throughout the week, which truly made Top Clans an exception event for the region.

The Nation Ambassadors united the fans under one united SEA banner. The region has never been as vibrantly cooperative ever before. With Nation Ambassadors bridging communities together, the fans watching Top Clans 2020 were truly enjoying the tournament together, rather than against each other. Fans of different teams all celebrated regardless of which team ended up becoming the victor. The whole tournament is a victory for the SEA community, brought about by NetEase Games’ passion for gaming.

NetEase Games formed strategic alliances to ensure success

Top Clans 2020 Partners.png

Thousands of people engaged every day on Top Clans 2020’s broadcasts. NetEase Games’ partnership with key industry leaders allowed them to bring the tournament to various platforms and in 5 different languages: English, Khmer, Thai, Vietnamese, and Malay. Aside from livestreams on online platforms, NetEase Games also brought Top Clans 2020 to TV broadcasting through a partnership with eGG Network. NetEase Games will continue partnering with key industry leaders to bring Top Clans to even more fans, broadcasting to as many platforms and languages as possible.

NetEase Games’ strategic partnership with other esports groups and companies made it possible to bring the SEA region together. Through these partnerships, fans from all over Southeast Asia witnessed the same tournament unfold all at the same time. It was an honor for NetEase Games to have worked alongside amazing individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. They shared NetEase Games’ passion for gaming and helped Top Clans 2020 become a huge success in spite of the difficult situation we are all facing.

NetEase Games’ and its partners’ work didn’t only make Top Clans 2020 possible. It also enabled many fans to forget about their worries and focus on gaming. Moving forward, NetEase Games will cooperate with more entities that will make Top Clans epitomize the true meaning of esports competition.

Top Clans 2020 contributed to the SEA esports industry’s continued prosperity

Top Clans 2020 helped the scene thrive during a period of uncertainty. The pandemic raised questions on whether or not the esports scene can survive without on-site events and tournaments. Through Top Clans 2020, NetEase Games proved that esports can thrive amidst the pandemic, and Top Clans 2020 made players, teams, and fans in Southeast Asia feel secured about the esports industry’s future.

We are ending 2020 with Top Clans having given people moments of reprieve from a very special year. They are able to do this in spite of various limitations brought about by the pandemic. Thanks to NetEase Games’ passion for esports, Top Clans pushed through even with all the uncertainties in the esports industry. Through Top Clans, NetEase Games’ passion for gaming was made a reality, bringing joy and entertainment to fans in the region.

NetEase Games is proud of what Top Clans 2020 has achieved this year, and for being a model tournament for everyone else in the region who wish to make an impact on the industry. They see the positive effects that their content has on the lives of gamers around the region, for both fans and players. NetEase Games hopes to continue its efforts and bring the passion for gaming to even more gamers in the region in its future Top Clans events.

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