NetEase Games Top Clans 2020 - Philippines Dominate TEKKEN 7 SEA Invitational

The Filipino Fighting Games Community (FGC) is in celebration right now as three of the four players to achieve the top spots in the Top Clans 2020 TEKKEN 7 SEA Invitational are from the Philippines.

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Introducing the Challengers

Eight players were directly invited to participate in the Top Clans 2020 TEKKEN 7 SEA Invitational. Four of these are from the Philippines, while two came from Thailand, and two from Malaysia.

The Filipinos were divided evenly in the two groups, and the teammates from PlayBook Esports (PBE) were also assigned to different teams. Likewise, the Thai and Malaysians were also assigned to different groups. Here are the group assignments at the start of the tournament last Friday:

Group Stage Assignments: Top Clans 2020 TEKKEN 7 SEA Invitational

Group A
Group B
Yoodoo FV | ZABA (MY)​
(117th 2019 Season) SMO | Jules (PH)​
Secretbase | Adrian (PH)​
Ryozun (MY)​
(40th 2019 Season) PBE | Doujin (PH)​
(40th 2019 Season) PBE | AK (PH)​
(28th 2019 Season) TALON | Book (TH)​
(138th 2019 Season) Shin Akuma (TH)​

Of all the competitors, Book from Thailand ranked the highest during the 2019 Season, finishing 28th globally with 415 Pro Circuit Points. Meanwhile, teammates AK and Doujin were tied at 40th with 340 points. These three were highly favored to win the tournament. To add fire to the competition, Book defeated AK in the Grand Finals of the SEA Games 2019 TEKKEN 7 event, with Doujin finishing third after being defeated by AK in the lower bracket finals.

Running the Gauntlet

Philippines Dominate TEKKEN 7 SEA b.png

The players faced each opponent in their group once, trying to score points by winning their series. Competition was stiff, as only the top two players of each group will proceed to the Double Elimination Finals.​

ZABA and Adrian would surprise the fans and the casters, as they upset the gold and bronze medalists from the SEA Games, Doujin and Book. After the first day of competition, ZABA emerged on top while Adrian finished second.

Meanwhile in Group B, the Filipinos dominated. A late rally by Shin Akuma against Ryozun was impressive, as he defeated Ryozun in their second match in just a few minutes to close Day 2. This led to a three-way tie in terms of match scores between Shin Akuma, AK, and Jules. However, tie-breaker rules state that the player with a better win/loss ratio over the course of the group stage will proceed to the Finals. With this ruling, Jules topped Group B, followed by AK, eliminating both Shin Akuma and Ryozun.

The King of the Iron Fist Tournament

Philippines Dominate TEKKEN 7 SEA c.png

The double elimination bracket format gives the playoffs players a safety net, allowing them to make a comeback if ever they lose their footing in the upper bracket. Still, all four players showed their A-Game right from the start. Both upper bracket semi-finals matches went through all three rounds, with AK going over ZABA and Jules defeating Adrian.

A round of rematches happened next, with AK and Jules going head to head in the upper bracket finals, and ZABA versus Adrian in the lower bracket semi-finals. Jules defeated AK in their matchup the previous day in the group stage, but AK reversed their fates in the upper bracket finals, sending Jules to the lower bracket. Meanwhile, ZABA defeated Adrian again to eliminate him in the tournament.

With Adrian gone from the picture, ZABA prepared for his next opponent. Facing Jules for the first time in the tournament, ZABA tried to play safe in their matchup. However, Jules successfully held his ground, scoring 3-1 over ZABA. Jules secured a Filipino championship in

Top Clans 2020 TEKKEN 7 with this win, but more importantly for him, he secured a rematch against AK.

Philippines Dominate TEKKEN 7 SEA d.png

Jules had a long task ahead of him - he had to win more rounds than AK if he wanted the championship. He did look strong at the start, using the character Leroy to almost steal victory away from AK. But AK was able to clear his mind even after some devastating losses, holding the fort and preventing Jules from resetting the bracket, with Jules losing to AK with only one win left before doing so. With his win, AK was crowned the Top Clans 2020 TEKKEN 7 SEA Invitational Champion.

More Challengers Yet to Come

With the TEKKEN 7 SEA Invitational tournament in the books, Top Clans 2020 will continue bringing joy to its viewers and fans. The Rules of Survival SEA Invitational will pick up where it left off with its SemiFinals match starting this Tuesday, October 20. Don’t miss the action, continue supporting your favorite teams with as much passion as they have for the game. Who knows, you might even win amazing prizes from the Mystery Code prizes.

Tune in on the Top Clans 2020 official pages on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. The live stream will also be available in Thai language on the Top Clans Thailand Facebook page and Malay on Ancient Galaxy Esports. You can also follow news and updates about Top Clans 2020 on (EN) and (TH). Cambodian fans may also watch the livestreams in their own language at the Playgame Facebook page.

Stay tuned and stay passionate! This is Passion.

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