NetEase Games Top Clans 2020: Resilience and Ingenuity Saved Thai Esports

Our passion for gaming is what motivates us to do what we do. NetEase Games uses their passion to develop and publish games that they know gamers all over the world will love. Likewise, Top Clans Esports is passionate about creating tournaments that will cater to peoples’ love for video games and competition alike. But hurdles and roadblocks sometimes do get in the way, posing unique challenges that only the most passionate people can overcome. This is the story of how people in the esports industry can get past through these challenging times. This is the story of Top Clans Esports’ passion.

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The global health crisis hit Thailand’s economy heavily, even leading to a lot of local businesses closing. The pressure was high among small and medium business enterprises. Among those affected are esports organizations, especially teams that are still trying to find their footing in the industry. However, the pandemic also served as an equalizer, as it also disrupted the industry so much that even the biggest players had to re-do their strategies.

Quick Reaction Speed

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ESL One Thailand 2020 Dota 2 Tournament proved that esports can continue in spite of a global health crisis (Image from of ESL Twitter Account)

Given new restrictions in travel and events, tournament organizers in Thailand were quickly able to adapt to the global health crisis. Knowing that all on-site events will no longer be allowed to be organized, tournaments moved online.

One of the most prominent examples is the ESL One Thailand Dota 2 tournament. While being based in Thailand, ESL featured two regions for their tournament: Asia and America. For the Asian league, ESL held a separate qualifying tournament that would allow two Thai teams to emerge from the grassroots to join the big leagues. One of these two teams was Motivate.Trust Gaming, currently one of the best-performing teams on the ongoing Top Clans 2020 Dota 2 SEA Invitational.

Another notable tournament organized during this time of quarantine was the Tournament of Bast MARVEL Super War tournament by Top Clans Esports. This tournament held qualifiers for different countries, giving teams the opportunity to compete against foreign teams for the first time. But in the end, it were the Thai teams who ended up dominating the tournament. The first-runner up for this tournament, Tuby Team, is performing well in the ongoing Top Clans 2020 Dota 2 Marvel Super War Tournament.

Streaming for a Living

The move to online platforms also prompted a shift of focus to broadcasting and streaming. Many people found opportunities to start their streaming careers during the time of quarantine. According to a report by The Thai Enquirer, the number of stream viewers and users on streaming platforms Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook Gaming doubled between January and June.

Streamers do more than just stream for a living, however. The entertainment they provide to the people who are distressed right now is an invaluable contribution to society. With traditional sports put on hold for most of this year, streamers have become a more popular entertainment option. While streamers may have grown their channels during the quarantine, they’ve also given a lot to a community that needs a significant morale boost for the many issues they face today.

Competitive Tournaments and Entertaining Streamers

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In Top Clans 2020, NetEase Games provide not only an extremely competitive environment for players to compete in, but also high entertainment value for the fans. While tournament matches happen mostly between the days of Thursday and Sunday, the days in between are filled with livestreams by Top Clans’ Nation Ambassadors, including Cherizawa for the Philippines, MrCocan for Malaysia, DK Khỉ for Vietnam, DJ.โนอี้ for Thailand, and Polisi Ganteng Gamer for Indonesia. They feature the games played by the pros in Top Clans 2020 in their livestreams on the page.

Having a month-long show of non-stop live streams allows NetEase Games to feed the passion of the community. NetEase Games don’t let their fans go hungry, that’s why there’s something to consume on Top Clans 2020’s streaming platforms every day. May it be official tournament matches or hanging out with your favorite streamers, Top Clans 2020 makes sure that fans are satisfied, entertained, and most importantly, happy during this time of quarantine.

To watch the tournament games or hang out with the Nation Ambassadors, be sure to check the official Facebook page (EN | TH) for match and stream schedules. Live streams are also available on Youtube, TikTok (EN | TH), and Twitch. For Malaysian viewers, the games will also be broadcasted in your language at the Ancient Galaxy Esports Facebook page.

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