NetEase has Officially Revealed the Strategy MMORPG - Project: Ragnarök

Three days ago, at NetEase Games’ first English annual project launch event, NetEase Connect 2021, they revealed new information about their upcoming game titles. One of them is Project: Ragnarök.


Project: Ragnarök is a strategy MMORPG based on Norse Pantheon Mythology and the Ragnarök folklore. Players are allowed here to explore the historic realm on their terms, meaning it's up to them if they want to hunt monsters, gather resources or socialize with other players. The game was first announced last year, May 2020, in China.


Through an orchestra and modern dance performance, The Ragnarök, a role-playing game, takes the audience on a journey to save their kingdom with a spectacular rendition of the game's theme song, "The Ragnarök”. Ragnarök is a cross-platform high quality game that offers a free interactive dynamic open world based on Nordic mythology. In this elaborately depicted world, the natural scenery is changing dynamically as light and shadow move, the mythical deities are transformed into dragons flying across the sky. Mysteries of this world are awaiting.

Project: Ragnarök is a free-to-play game but will have in-app purchases to let players have the option to pay for fast-leveling items as well as daily/weekly packages and character cards. A small-scale beta test will commence later this year for Ragnarök.


Project: Ragnarök will support cross-platform play between PC, console, and mobile devices. However, as of now, its release date is not yet revealed by NetEase.