NetEase might launch its popular MMORPG Justice globally

Chinese video game developer NetEase is rumored to potentially release its popular Chinese MMORPG, Justice, on the Western market. This speculation came from a trademark application for Sword of Justice by NetEase Interactive Entertainment, which might indicate a possible remake for the western audiences.

justice mobile.png

According to some rumors circulating online, NetEase is possibly looking to change their branding as it was originally launched in China and will probably move forward for a global release. This information is closely followed by the trailer shown in NetEase’s Connect 2023 presentation, which showcases some of the gameplay.

Justice is a Wuxia MMORPG game that is set in an impressively detailed world of martial arts inspired by ancient Chinese folklore. It features action-packed gameplay, adventure, magic, and cultural descent. Players will embark on a journey to unfold the truth about an epic conspiracy and fight their way out from various enemies. The game also features an engrossing storyline, which players can enjoy delving into.

In addition, Justice Online is rumored to have NPC’s (non-playable characters) that will be supported by AI’s to provide novel conversations and details.

There are not many details regarding its global release, and its PC version was previously reported to be launched globally, but it did not happen at all. While it is not possibly true, the possible rebranding of the game Justice to Sword of Justice could be a step for NetEase to expand their market and cater to global gaming audiences as well. Unfortunately, only a few of these kinds of games survive after a global release and successfully compete with the ever-growing world of gaming.

Nevertheless, the game’s popularity in China shows that the fans are probably anticipating possible changes in the future, as NetEase might make some adjustments for western gamers to adapt.