NetEase releases ‘Hyper Front’ that really seems identical to Riot Games’ VALORANT

After nearly 6 months of beta testing, NetEase Games has released its newest product, 'Hyper Front,' which was originally called 'Project M,' in various regions.

The tactical shooter was first revealed in August 2021, and it looks a lot like Riot Games' Valorant in a lot of ways.


Over the last two years, Valorant has unquestionably been one of the most popular games among competitive shooters. Due to its unique and engaging gaming mechanics, the title managed to steal the hearts of millions of fans around the world when it was first published in June 2020.

Riot Games has made a killing with its hit MOBA game League of Legends for years. All of that changed two years ago, when the well-known creators launched Valorant, their effort at the competitive FPS genre.

Riot Games has held the top rank as the genre's leading title since the game's release in 2020. In both the casual and competitive worlds, the game has exploded in popularity.

With a growing player base, many players aren't surprised to learn that the creators are working on a mobile version that will run on Android and iOS devices.

The fact that agents in Valorant could use multiple 'abilities' to give them an edge in combat set it apart from most other shooters. By extending 'Hyper Front' to mobile devices, NetEase has adapted the same principle.

The weapons and abilities in Hyper Front appear to be nearly identical to those in Valorant at first glance.

Many prominent publishers have already demonstrated their efforts in the mobile market to establish a large player base. Fortnite, Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG, and a slew of other games fall under this category.


Valorant has a lot of potential in the mobile arena because there hasn't been a competitive FPS game released yet. Riot Games appeared to be in great position to take over the mobile market as well, with the game supposedly arriving later this year.

However, with their latest mobile FPS title, Hyper Front, Chinese creators NetEase have already released a challenger for Riot Games, and the similarities between the two games are remarkable.

Hyper Front was launched in Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand about a week ago. Valorant and Hyper Front share a key concept in that they are both 5v5 team shooters.


Hyper Front, like Valorant, contains a large cast of characters with special skills known as Heroes, who behave similarly to the Agents in the Riot Games-developed game. Many of them even have the same appearance as the Agents.

While some parts of the terrain resemble those in Valorant, the gameplay is vastly different, even if the HUD may resemble that of the Riot Games title.

With the creators hoping to release a mobile version of Valorant soon, Hyper Front presents a significant obstacle in their quest to attract a large player base.

While Riot Games has yet to make an official announcement, it wouldn't be surprising if they issued some sort of legal warning against NetEase and its developers.