NetEase Teases Upcoming Games On their 6th Annual Product Launch

One of the biggest names in the mobile and PC gaming industry in SEA, NetEase Gaming, continues to strive in becoming a dominant force in the video game arena as they announce enticing future titles and events during their annual product launch last May 20.

Here is the rundown of what we should look forward from NetEase for the upcoming months or year:

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Potterhead must be celebrating now as a new mobile game based on the infamous world of the wizard boy will soon hit the mobile platform. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened was developed in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive and will soon be released in China this month by Portkey Games.

The games seem to have similar gameplay like Clash Royale but overall no particular info is yet disclosed as to how it will be played as well as it's global release.

Project: Ragnarök

Inspired by the ancient and colorful Norse mythology, NetEase unveils its newest MMORPG title Project: Ragnarök. It was dubbed as one of their ambitious work that gamers can play both on PC and mobile platforms. Its teaser showcases an open world and an environment with dizzying but beautiful visuals.

NetEase promises that this game will break the usual repeatable daily quest of other RPG and will also introduce one-time challenging events.

Code T

Among the games being announced on their product launch, Code T or Theseus perhaps is the one that gains a hefty amount of praise and critics. Code T is a simulation action game set in a cyberpunk world where you play as a bounty hunter in a world where man and machine become one while dark secrets are all waiting for you to uncover beneath the sound and lights the cyber metropolis.

On its Chinese pre-registration site, Code T already reveals 4 characters where 2 of them are labeled bounty hunter and the other 2 are called informants which give us a hint that characters in the game might be divided into classes.

Of course, many can't help but compare Code T as a blatant Cyberpunk 2077 ripoff but it seems they just share similarities in theme but not in gameplay.

Onmyoji and Demon Slayer Kimetsu Yaiba Crossover

Last but not least to top the NetEase announcement is the surprise crossover of the popular anime Demon Slayer Kimetsu Yaiba to their iconic game series Onmyoji. The said crossover is totally dope since both game and anime bears a striking similarity both in Japanese and demon theme.

There are no specific details as to how this crossover comes to play but expect your fave demon slayer Tanjiro and Zenitsu to appears as playable characters in Onmyoji main game, Onmyoji Arena and Onmyoji Chess.