NetEase’s Upcoming MMORPG Code Candle opens its first test qualification recruitment

NetEase’s new title, Code Candle, a hard-core fantasy action MMORPG has recently been revealed!

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Code Candle is NetEase's first attempt at combining soul gameplay with mobile games. Soul gameplay is creating an apocalyptic apocalypse swallowed by darkness and dark magic. The game is based on a Western dark fantasy theme and it uses the next-generation engine to carefully illustrate the abyss of sins formed under the bizarre disaster of destruction on the edge.

“The disaster of darkness came, and the demons, the fire of no master, the candle of no master, the branded ones, and the undead were weaving heavy murderous auras in the darkness.”

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Players will be playing as a survivor who will be writing a legend of personal heroism under the name of Ash Messenger. Players will also need to end the demons and inherit the will of the first fire which will end eternity, destroy immortality, and save the world. This is your ultimate mission in this dark, dilapidated, and dark world.

According to the latest details revealed, the game is based on high-hardcore action underground adventure gameplay and has a high degree of freedom.

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Since Code Candle has a high degree of freedom, there’s no specific occupational restrictions. Players can use a variety of attack methods to combine output such as long-range, close combat, double knives, gloves, large axes, bows and arrows. All weapons can be switched freely, and the battle game is relaxed.

The game uses the next-generation PBR technology to create a very realistic and rich character model for the game. Various systemic monster bosses that have full 3D realistic portrayal that fits perfectly in the fantasy and dark world view of the game were designed to bring players the full immersion of the combat experience in the game.

The game has two modes: PVE and PVP. In PVP, players will not have any restrictions on equipment development. The competitive battle will start in a completely fair battlefield with strong operation technology.

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Key Features:
  • High-freedom hardcore action-adventure gameplay
Gloomy worlds, unknown mazes and various hidden crises. You will experience the tension of free exploration of the game in depth and immersion, the thrill of random encounters and the sense of surprise found in the unknown during the exploration process, and the sense of accomplishment of survival to the end.
  • High freedom and no occupation restrictions
You can freely perform derivative combos combining light and heavy attacks with skills and weapons, bringing a rich and exciting action operation experience.
  • Extremely realistic art and monster design
From the hills of the devil with flying yellow sands to the mysterious and eerie elephant palace, one plant and one tree changes day and night, restoring an immersive dark magical world.
  • Open and diverse PVE and PVP gameplay
In addition to the high degree of freedom underground exploration experience, the game also has a variety of PVE and PVP gameplay content. While exploring unknown areas, explore thrilling dungeons and fight against various systemic bosses.