NetEase’s Wuxia MMORPG Justice Mobile will first launch in China before it will release globally

NetEase Games upcoming wuxia MMORPG Justice Mobile will be released in China on June 30 for iOS and Android devices. The announcement was made through NetEase Connect 2023 online presentation wherein a worldwide release for the game was also confirmed. However, details about that are yet to be known.

justice mobile.png

Justice Mobile is based on NetEase’s Chinese-style martial arts MMORPG Justice Online. As the mobile version of the original game, the majority in-game content of the PC version will be incorporated in Justice Mobile. Through the game, players will be brought to the enthralling world of Justice Mobile that’s filled with martial arts, magic, and ancient Chinese mythology. Go on a quest to unfold the truth behind a large conspiracy while also fighting enemies along the way.

As a sneak peek to the game, a trailer was released which showed the high levels of character customization, a brand-new weather system, and support for ray tracing of the game. Aside from that, the game has incorporated OpenAI's ChatGPT which gives the game a unique narrative development. The game’s impressive graphical fidelity was also showcased which assures players that the game’s visuals were actual gameplay and not promotional CGI.

The developers aspires the game to be the first to implement an open-world martial arts realm in an AI-enhanced MMO platform, which explains the beautiful landscapes of the game that were made with impressive 3D models. ChatGPT was also incorporated in the game to generate dialogue and to create unique NPC reactions.

Through the employed AI technology, players can interact with the NPCs, simulating different unique reactions based on the dialogues that they will generate, which will impact their behavior as well as influence their relationship with them. For example, players can cause a rift between an NPC couple, alter an NPC’s view on certain aspects, or they can garner assistance from kind virtual NPCs that they will engage with.

NetEase revealed that they plan to not only incorporate AI technology in dialogues only. They want to extend beyond that and have quest generation, content creation, and character customization feature an AI technology as well.