Netflix and Roblox collaborates for the launch of Netflix Nextworld, a digital theme park

A digital theme park has been announced by Netflix and Roblox called Netflix Nextworld. Here, fans of films and series featured in the streaming app can explore the worlds of their favorites through a 3D interactive space.

netflix nextworld.png

Currently, Netflix Nextworld has been launched through early access on Roblox. Immerse yourself in games that feature your favorite series like Stranger Things: Escape from Hawkins High, One Piece: East Blue Brawls, and Rebel Moon: Outskirts Battles. In these games, you will be guided by Dustin from Stranger Things, Luffy from One Piece, and Jimmy from Rebel Moon. Note, some of these guides might help you as well through your quests.

There are also gaming side quests that you can try here. These Nextworld mini games feature some of the famous shows as well including the competitive Is It Cake? where you’ll have the guess if the object is a cake or not. Put your karate skills to the test as well through the Cobra Kai Miyagi-Do Balancing Board mini game.

netflix nextworld.jpg

As you roam around in Nextworld, objects and wearables from different shows and movies can be collected to decorate your own private space called Fan Pod. Use the challenges that you will come across in Nextworld to earn more currency that you can utilize to expand your pod with more exclusive items like the free limited User-Generated Content (UGC) items like the Demogorgon Plushie Head or a One Piece Flag.

Additionally, your home base within Nextworld called the Streamship will be providing you with social features that allow you to attend events like premieres and viewing parties. Daily content from Tudum Theater can be accessed through here as well. Also, a limited time event will be arriving in Nextworld called Jurassic World: Chaos Theory on May 17.

Experience various 3D interactive spaces that were made based on your favorite shows through Nextworld. The early access launch is available for all consoles that support Roblox, mobile, and PC/Mac. Enjoy!