Netflix One Piece Live Action, Farlight 84 Roadmap, League of Legends Empyrean Cup, Warframe Mobile, and more

In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers discuss the Netflix One Piece Live Action, Farlight 84 Roadmap, League of Legends Empyrean Cup, Pokemon Live Action Drama, Genshin Impact Kaveh Exploit, Warframe Mobile, and Love Too Easily Kdrama Game.


Farlight 84
So apparently last August 24 Farlight hosted a summit in the Philipines. Sadly we are not invited basically, they laid out a roadmap plan for the country. Currently its broken down into the following Esports, Creators, and New Hero. So here are the highlights for esports. There will be 3 regular seasons that will conclude in a fourth event, the Grand Finals each mobile event having $25,000 prize money. While the PC based events wil have $12,500 prize money so the combined prize pool for mobile and PC is set at $150,000. the first event of the esports year will begin this August and the grand finals will conclude the calendar year on July 2024. With the top 30 teams will join in the grand finals. Farlight 84 has made a commitment of US$20 million over the course of five years.

Ok next what about if you are Farlgith 84 Filipino creator? They will have a Filipino Creators Program which will be on of their primary strategic plans on the local market. Farlight 84 will build a hyperlocal ecosystem designed exclusively for the Philippines. Meaning Farlight will be increasing its offline presence, bringing new hyperlocal, and cyber cafe collaborations. One example is the Filipina actress named Ella Cruz is Farlight 84’s newest brand ambassador. She said “As a player myself, I’m thrilled by the positive impact Farlight is bringing to the Filipino gaming community.”

What about for the game? Farlight Games is dedicated to providing updates with fresh heroes on a monthly basis as well as introducing new maps, weapons, game modes, and vehicles every six months. Then finally the mentioned introducing a new Filipino here in the game roster. This hero, who will assume the support role and will embody the vibrant spirit of a rockstar. Seems like they are doubling down since Farlight became a hit for the Philippines audience, let's hope it doesn't become like Rules of Survival.

League of Legends Empyrean Cup Philippines
Since we are talking about the Philippines esports and gaming scene. Riot Games has announced the League of Legends Empyrean Cup Philippines. There will be a total prize of 1 million php so you are interested the pre-registrations now open! Here is the tournament overview, League of Legends Empyrean Cup is taking place from mid-September to early November 2023. A total of 256 teams will kick-off the tournament’s open qualifiers so there will be two legs 128 teams each. Registration for the first qualifier in September and second qualifier in October will start on 29 August. It will be a first come first serve basis. The online qualifiers are scheduled for 16-17 September 2023 and 14-15 October 2023. Finally the Grand Finals, which is scheduled to be held offline at the Esports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) from 3-5 November 2023, with top 4 teams participating.

Riot Games Senior Director of Esports Operations in the Americas Raul Fernandez recently confirmed the company is not making a profit off their Esports league. Specifically mentioned League of Legends esports league is not breaking even. Not sure if you are aware things happening with Valorant where the Guard is pulling out basically disbanding their team despite winning. On a video by Ludwig apparently the guard laid off all their staff basically pulling away from esports. Their parent company will focus on real sports. Note this is only happening in North America maybe is a different culture. This was in an interview with Axios. Raul Fernandez alongside Riot Games’ Carlos Antunes who is the Head of League Legends Esports (Americas), informing them the league was in a healthy position. Not sure how two contradicting points can be true at the same time. But what do you think?

Love Too Easily
For out first topic lets talk about love, you are now talking to Dr. X, dont have a jowa? Or do you like Kdrama and Video Games? Well this game might be for you, there is a game coming from Monster Guide inc. published by Medibang called Love Too Easily. I mention Kdrama and Videogame because basically, it's an FMV or a Full-motion video game that relies on narration techniques that are pre-recorded video files to display action in the game. So if you are interested the game is a romantic comedy in an interactive format. The story is about a girl the character who wakes up with only a partial memory of the night out with friends. She has a hangover with memory lapses because apparently, she kissed someone and it's up to you the player to find out! In terms of game mechanics, it teaches gamers how to find stuffs on a girls room. It also teaches the morning routine of a girl. The game is currently available on Steam for 500php however there is a demo if you want to try it out. We have a gameplay in our YouTube if you are curious.

Pokemon Live Action
TV Tokyo and The Pokémon Company announced a few days ago that they will produce the first original live-action drama about the Pokémon. According to animenewsnetwork the live-action series is based on the Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green games and is called Pocket ni Bōken wo Tsumekonde. The keyword here is “based”, Basically, the story is about a girl who arrives in Tokyo to follow her dreams. Not to be the very best they ever wast but instead, join a small advertising agency. The Pokemon aspect comes in when Madoka (the main character) receives a package from her mother, containing the Game Boy Pocket and a copy of Pokémon Red she used to play as a child. Then she starts playing the game and realizes it contains something that’s important in life. Sounds like its the friends we made along the way type of show, If you are interested It will start airing on October 19.

Genshin Impact Kaveh Exploit
Seems lime Hoyoverse is on a warpath because recently there was apparently a Genshin Impact Exploit or Hack involving the character Kaveh. The exploit apparently can delete interactable objects in other players’ worlds (imagine the trolling). You can delete objects and bosses. So in regards to this Hoyovere released an official statement addressing the issue. HoYoverse is planning to take legal action against developers, users, and disseminators of malicious plug-ins such as the Kaveh exploit to tamper with game data and affect other players’ experience. HoYoverse stated that they will deal with the malicious plug-ins in accordance with the “Terms of Service”, “Privacy Policy”, and applicable laws and regulations. TLDR: Lawsuit Incoming and if you are affected Hoyoverse issued a fix already

Warframe Mobile
Does anyone here play or played Warframe? Well I played it since it's a looter shooter like Destiny and The Division, also its free. So if you like this game good news it's coming to Mobile in 2024 do note the game was first announced 2021. Based on the trailers I actually got confused coz it looks good I thought they where sharing an update on the PC/Console version. There will also be a cross-progression meaning players old and new will be able to continue with the same character anywhere regardless of platform. This is good because if you play Warframe there is farmville type mechanic wher eyou craft or build an item and wait for hours. Sadly no specific date has been mentioned and currently the pre registration is only fo iOS users.

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