Netflix Pokémon Live-Action is reportedly in development

It seems that another live-action of the Pokémon series is currently in the works.


A Netflix Pokémon live-action is reported to be currently in development. One person was mentioned to be part of the production team. He is Joe Henderson. He’s one of the executive producers of the Lucifer series as well as the writer. Another work that he was in is, Graceland and White Collar in which he was also an executive producer and writer as well.

Currently, there’s only one live-action of Pokémon titled Detective Pikachu which was released in cinemas in 2019. It starred Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith. Detective Pikachu was based on the Nintendo 3DS game of the same title.

Netflix is home of several Pokémon titles however there’s no confirmation yet regarding this report of the development of the next Pokémon live-action.