Netflix Stories features Love is Blind for its first narrative story that’s now available for mobile devices

Netflix Stories is an interactive narrative game that enables its players to immerse themselves into the world of their favorite Netflix series or movies. Love Is Blind will be first to be featured in this interactive fiction story game.

netflix love is blind.jpg

In the game, players will have the role of someone who is single in the series. They’ll be placed in pods, starting their journey towards genuine love and self-revelation. Netflix Stories: Love is Blind is now available exclusively for Netflix members only.

netflix love is blind1.jpg

To start the game, players will have to customize their characters first, from hair to jewelry to face shape and to the outfit that their character will wear, players will have the option to choose anything they want to create the ideal character for them. After finishing the customization, they will finally enter and engage in candid conversations within the pods to gauge the chemistry they feel towards the other character.

Netflix Stories: Love is Blind is created by Netflix’s subsidiary company, Boss Fight Entertainment. This app was developed solely for the compilation of interactive narrative games of Netflix's beloved series and movies.

Players can anticipate having more popular shows added to the game, including Virgin River and Money Heist. But for the meantime, players can enjoy Love is Blind first, which is now available for both Android and iOS devices.