Netflix's Kingdom series gets their own mobile RPG

If you're one of the folks who love to "Netflix & Chill" or even just doing Netflix, I bet you are familiar with the hit zombie series, Kingdom. The series have garnered the praise and attention from a lot of viewers and subscribers of the platform. Of course, when the heat is up, you make sure it keeps up, so there's news for the fans of the series who loves to play games as well.

Kingdom a.jpg

Kingdom will be having a mobile RPG that is action-oriented according to MMOCulture. The developers of the game will be Action Square, this developer also handled games that have achieved a great reputation amongst other gamers, their titles include Blade and Blade 2.

Kingdom b.jpg

Action Square promised that Kingdom's mobile action RPG will be high-quality and is faithful to the original series with the setting and the characters that you love will be in the game as well. With their reputation at the line, you bet that they will do their best to make sure to hold on to their promise.

Kingdom c.png

With the announcement, it is expected that a lot of people who are massive fans of the series are waiting for the release date. Sadly, there's still no release date that is planned as of the moment but rejoice, as we do not have to wait for a global release as they have planned it on the start.

Surely, this will bring curiosity to those who are interested in the series but mostly gamers while this will also interest watchers of the series to play games. A win-win scenario if you ask me.

Kingdom c.jpg

That's all for now in regard to that news. It seems interesting as to where will this go but I know for sure a lot of those who watch the series will be very curious if the game will be worth their time. How about you? Watched the series or are you going to dive in the game to be interested in the series? Tell us in the comments section below!