Netmarble Announces global launch date For The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Game

Guild of Guardians
Mark you calendars this upcoming month for Netmarble finally reveal the official release date for their latest mobile game The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross which will be available on Google Play Apple App Store worldwide starting March 3, 2020.

The Seven Deadly Sins or 7DS is a hit manga created by Nakaba Suzuki on 2012 which narrates the story of seven knights that become notorious around the Kingdom of Liones due to the crimes they have committed in the past. Now straight to your mobile phones you can now relieve the story Meliodas and the gang as they help Princess Elizabeth in thwarting the threat brought by the Holy Knights to their Kingdom. The game features a turn-based combat where players can collect and control characters from the anime and manga. They will use variety of skill cards from their deck tactically to defeat their enemies ranging from demons to their rival Holy Knights. In addition to this, combining these cards will also allow characters to perform their Ultimate attack to decimate their foes.

7DSS Grand Cross also includes cinematic cutscences and a full 3D environment where players will not just roam around and killing demons but also can enjoy Co-op Gameplay and PVP mode. All the characters can also be customized with hairstyle, weapons and accessories which keeps up the game’s RPG element

You can still pre-register for 7DS Grand Cross and expect to have huge rewards after the official release of the game which includes the character Meliodas with his own armor and weapon as well as 100,000 gold and x30 Diamonds.