Netmarble announces The Seven Knights remake with Unreal Engine 5

With the revelation that the original The Seven Knights game will be shutting down, Netmarble Nexus stated that they were developing a remake of the series. The Seven Knights' 10th anniversary will be celebrated by the beta test of the game, which is now under development.


The Seven Knights, an Unreal Engine 5 remake of the original mobile RPG, was just unveiled by Netmarble Nexus, the franchise's production team. This follows the recent closing news for the original Seven Knights game. After conducting an internal investigation, Netmarble Nexus apologized for the delay in updating the original game and stated that it would be challenging to address numerous concerns effectively. While not specified, this might be due to the game’s old engine and outdated programming. Because of this, Unreal Engine 5 was switched to The Seven Knights.

The Seven Knights is a remake and a sequel to the original Seven Knights game, with Netmarble Nexus promising that it would build on and improve upon Seven Knights' qualities. The Seven Knights' project director wouldn't be the same as that of Seven Knights Revolution. According to Netmarble Nexus, the intention is to have a Closed Beta in 2024, during the 10th anniversary year of Seven Knights. Stay tuned for further updates!