Netmarble Launched New Magic: The Gathering Inspired Game for Android and iOS

From the developer of The King of Fighters ALLSTAR and MARVEL Future Fight, Netmarble in partnership with Wizards of the Coast finally released its newest gem worldwide called Magic: ManaStrike.

Inspired from the lore of the immensely popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering, ManaStrike is an action strategy game that reminisce the gameplay of Clash Royale where players summon various ground and air units while also casting powerful spells and commanding their planeswalker from the Magic universe.

The strategy of each player can vary depending on the colors of Mana of their selected planeswalker (Red, Blue, White, Black and Green) as well as customizing and upgrading their own units.

What makes ManaStrike exhilarating is that one minute before each match ends, the player’s mana pool which they use to summon unit and cast spell will have a boost which can help them unleash more units in a limited period of time.

Fans of Magic: The Gathering will also enjoy the backstory of ManaStrike as it revolves around the scheme of the tyrant dragon Nicol Bolas in creating a new universe and at the same time seeking a way to exploit the weakness of the remaining planewalkers.

As of date, the Season 3 of ManaStrike has already ended and officially announce the start of its Nixilis Season where players can have the chance to acquire the new planeswalkers Ob Nixilis and Calix by upgrading their Magic Pass.

Added features also in the game includes the option for players to watch their friends and other player’s matches worldwide.
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