Netmarble launches official website for Solo Leveling: ARISE, a new action RPG for PC and mobile

Today, Netmarble announced the official website for Solo Leveling: ARISE, an action role-playing game that will be available on PC and mobile devices and allow cross-play. The game is based on the well-liked webcomic series Solo Leveling, which takes place inside a universe where dimension gates appear and pose fresh dangers to civilisation. By entering dungeons and defeating terrible hordes of monsters, skilled "hunters" save humanity.


The narrative centers on Sung Jinwoo, a weak E-Rank hunter who just about makes it out of a challenging "Double Dungeon" concealed inside a low-level D-Rank gate. Jinwoo emerges from this encounter with new, uncommon powers and the knowledge that only he can "level up" by taking on quests and killing monsters.

Solo Leveling: ARISE's action RPG gameplay, dynamic combat, and engaging narration accurately recreate the original webtoon series. The game includes well-known hunters like Sung Jinwoo, the main character, Cha Haein, Yoo Jinho, and others. Gamers should become proficient with each hunter's skills and combine them to quickly open each gate. In a move straight out of the webtoon, gamers can also vanquish adversaries, take their shadows, and enlist them in their cause, eventually assembling their very own Army of Shadows. Magic beasts present a challenge to players in every dungeon, therefore unique tactics and abilities are required to destroy them.

Additionally, with a teaser trailer recently released, the official anime series based on Solo Leveling is set to premiere in Japan in January 2024. Keep your eyes peeled for further development and information.