Netmarble Monster Team confirms MMO RF Online Mobile on active development

It was confirmed by Netmarble back in September 2020 that they have acquired the rights to the RF Online IP from its original owner CCR.


As there is a new owner of the RF Online IP, Netmarble can now expand the world of RF Online. And as it turns out, Netmarble has confirmed that a MMO based on RF Online is currently under development. It was led by one of the internal teams of Netmarble, Netmarble Monster.


Netmarble Monster has already worked on titles such as MARVEL Future Fight, Raven (EvilBane), and the most recent, BTS Universe Story. Aside from the MMO based on RF Online, the team is also working on a follow-up of Raven (EvilBane). Stay tuned for more updates about this upcoming MMO.