Netmarble reveals RF Project, a mobile game based on the PC MMORPG, RF Online

Through Netmarble's annual “Netmarble Together with Press” event or NTP in South Korea, the new upcoming RF Project was announced. The teased back in 2020 after Netmarble acquired the right for the IP of RF Online. RF Project’s development is led by Netmarble N2.

rf project1.jpg

Min-kwan Kwon, CEO of Netmarble N2/Netmarble N Park, said, “I had a great desire to show users the attractive and unique world of RF again. We made preparations,” he said, introducing the background of the development of the RF project.

Netmarble will retain the original features from RF Online like the sci-fi world view, giant robot mounts, wielding gigantic weapons, and the summoning of Animus. In fact, the developers plan to add more features that were not in the original that will introduce new experiences to the players, old or new. RVR will remain untouched so that players can still create stories for their nations without any interference.

CEO Kwon Min-gwan said, "RF's fierce RVR based on the fight between countries is a narrative that users create by itself".

rf project.jpg

Add to that, in RF Project, players are allowed to freely change their country or class to enrich the game’s narrative. A release date of the game is yet to be announced. Currently, the game is being developed as a PC-mobile cross-platform MMORPG. Stay tuned for further updates.