Netmarble reveals roadmap for its action RPG Solo Leveling: ARISE

Solo Leveling: ARISE’s roadmap has finally been revealed by Netmarble. After the recent media showcase, the developers revealed their plans for each of the upcoming months, starting from the game’s release, which is expected in May 2024, up to December 2024.

solo leveling arise.png

With the game’s official website already established, Netmarble has also finally announced that players residing in Canada can avail the game through early access. They have also revealed that the game will be released globally this coming May for both PCs and mobile devices. For those who are unfamiliar with Solo Leveling, it is a popular webtoon and web novel that has garnered immense success with over 14 billion views worldwide.

Since this is Netmarble’s first venture into the Solo Leveling universe, Netmarble’s CEO, Kwon Young-sik, has confidently declared during the game’s media showcase in Seoul the game’s potential to boost sales immediately once it finally launches.

The company expects success in markets like Korea, North America, and Japan, as that is where the original webtoon gained popularity. The developers also plan to expand the game through various platforms, including Steam, with plans for consoles as well next year.

Here is the roadmap of Solo Leveling: ARISE, from May to December 2024:

solo leveling arise roadmap.jpg