Netmarble reveals their 20 major games that will be released on various platforms through the recently concluded 5th Netmarble Together with Press eve

Through the recent 5th Netmarble Together with Press event, Netmarble announced that there are 20 major games that are currently under development, with some to be released this year, to be released on various platforms.

Netmarble has revealed that there are 13 new games of various genres that are currently being developed using the company's own IP.

seven knights.jpg

First up is the “Seven Knights Revolution”, which is being developed using the core IP of “Seven Knights”. The mobile version of the said game will be a mobile MMORPG that will focus on cooperation in the open-world with excellent storytelling and a high-degree of freedom, which are also characteristics of the Seven Knights IP.

how to train your monster 2.jpg

Next will be the sequels of the games “How to Train Your Monster” and “Raven” which will also be released. “How to Train your Monster 2” is slated to be released on PC and mobile inheriting the characteristics of its predecessor such as its easy gameplay, excellent action and worldview.


While, “Raven: Arang” is being developed as a cross-platform title which is expected to add depth to the narrative of the original. A heavy-duty action and large-scale battles with high perfection can be expected in this sequel.

merge kuya island.jpg

The long-standing IP of “Kuya” which has been with Netmarble since its beginning, will be released this year as a casual healing game “Merge Kuya Island”. The “Merge Kuya Island” is a game where you need to collect and merge resources. You also need to collect kungya to decorate your island. Animations using the kungyas will also be released on YouTube as well.

meta world.jpg

“Everyone's Marvel: Metaworld” is a sequel to Netmarble's representative game “Everyone's Marvel”. “Everyone's Marvel: Metaworld” is being developed as an investment game where you’ll purchase land in an actual city-based metaworld. Raise buildings and trade NFTized real estate. The game aims to create a real-world map-based real estate metaverse.

real baseball.jpg

The “Netmarble Professional Baseball 2022” is a live-action baseball mobile game. The development of the game aims to enhance the sense of presence and immersion of the players through incorporating more realistic games such as the signature motions of real players and facial expressions of players.


“Grand Cross S” and “Grand Cross W” are games based on the “Grand Cross” worldview. Grand Cross S is a collectible RPG that uses streaming to give a different sensibility and fun. While Grand Cross W is a strategy game that players all over the world can participate in to engage in real-time large-scale battles.

squad battle.jpg

Squad Battle is a real-time action battle game that takes place in a city of the future. The game will be available through Steam. There will be 20 teams composed of three-person squads that will fight in a free-for-all manner to know the final victor.


Overprime is a 3D TPS MOBA PC game that features strategic and fast-paced shooting play. A digital human produced by Metaverse Entertainment will also appear in the game. The game will be available through Steam. It is also planned to be released on a console platform within this year. In addition to that, it is also aimed to enter an official esports competition.

rf project1.jpg

Netmarble is developing the RF Project using the IP of RF Online that they have acquired in 2020. It is a sci-fi fantasy game set in space. RF Project will feature the same as what was in RF Online but they will also add more elements in the game that weren't in the original.

knights of the round.jpg

“The Knights of the Round Table” which is aimed for English audiences is a strategic RPG developed based on the story of Knight of the Round Table that is familiar to the public. The game will feature live-action based graphics and amazing battles.

champions ascension.jpg

Champions: Ascension is a Web3 blockchain-based P2E game. It is a game that depicts duels between the Eternal races. Rewards, in the form of NFTs, are acquired through battles between players.

arthdal chronicles.jpg

For season 2 of Arthdal Chronicles, Netmarble and Studio Dragon have joined hands for the IP joint development of the game. Arthdal Chronicles is an MMORPG set in a seamless open world that aims to provide the same experience of living in the real world like playing in day or night.
“We are developing 'Arthdal Chronicles' as a global IP through global distribution channels, and developing games based on an expanded worldview in collaboration with drama writers.”

solo leveling.jpg

Solo Leveling, which became a popular webcomic that garnered 14.2 billion views worldwide, is currently being developed as a single-player action RPG. By collecting or nurturing shadow corps, or gathering powerful hunters as guild members, players can improve their combat power. The upcoming game features a creative cinematic story production as well as stylish battle scenes with webtoon sensibility.

game of thrones.jpg

Netmarble is developing a game based on the famous Game of Thrones. Currently, the game is known with its working title “Game of Thrones” which is a mobile MMORPG that features a seamless open world. Netmarble partnered with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and HBO for this game title.

bts dream.jpg

BTS Dream: Tiny Tan House is being developed as a rhythm and housing game. The performance director of BTS is part of the development team to make a lively rhythm play. Fans can also communicate with the seven Tinitan members.

seven deadly sins origin.jpg

As the success of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is immense, an upcoming “The Seven Deadly Sins Origins” was currently being developed as a sequel. It offers a multiverse original story set in an open world with a high degree of freedom. The game will be released in various platforms such as mobile, PC, and console.

tower of god new world.jpg

“Tower of God: A New World” is an upcoming collectible RPG based on the popular Tower of God. Players can expect to see the various characters of the webtoon and its worldview into the game.

dc heroes and villain.jpg

“DC Heroes & Villains” is an upcoming puzzle RPG that collects and grows popular characters from the DC universe such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn. Players will form their own team and enjoy puzzle play that includes 150 missions.


Netmarble CEO Kwon Young-sik said, “Netmarble started out as a publisher, so the lack of its own IP was cited as a weakness, and various preparations and efforts have been made to overcome this. Together with the company, we will promote change into a strong in-house IP holding company through joint development of IP or securing IP through indirect investment.”