Netmarble’s upcoming idle RPG Tower of God New World, is now available for pre-registrations

A new mobile game based on the Tower of God webtoon series is currently being developed by Netmarble. The new mobile game is named Tower of God New World and it is a vertical 3D RPG.

tower of god new world.png

Based on the world of the hit webtoon series, players will be forming a team of five characters that will go through different stages where they will battle enemies automatically. To perform cinematic and powerful skills, players will just need to tap on them.

Also, Tower of God New World runs in the background, so even if players are not playing the game, loot will still be earned and once they’ve come back, all the stored loot while they were away can be finally collected.

tower of god new world1.png

Pre-registrations are now open. Interested players can pre-register the game through its Google Play Store and Apple App Store pages. Pre-register now to earn the SSR Grade character Bam for free when the game officially launches.

Key Features of Tower of God New World:
  • "Will you answer the call of the Tower?"
The international phenomenon Tower of God, reimagined by Netmarble.

tower of god new world3.png

  • A Feast for your Eyes
High-quality graphics and an art style that will capture the hearts of both fans and newcomers alike.
Take in the splendor of the game's epic animation!"

tower of god new world2.png

  • Meet Them All
Featuring main characters from the Webtoon like Bam, Khun, and Rak,
along with tons of the webtoon's unique supporting characters! Form your very own team to climb the Tower of God!

tower of god new world5.png

  • Sharing is Caring
"Shinsu Links" allows you to place any character into a powered-up slot.
Gone are the days of needing to strengthen each and every character.
You can also obtain upgrade materials through the Loot system and avoid the boring grind!

tower of god new world4.png

  • Idle Rewards Galore
You don't need to grind for rewards in Tower of God: New World.
Just log off and wait for abundant rewards to roll in!

tower of god new world6.png

  • Intuitive Combat
The Elements and Positions used in combat are easy for anyone to pick up- but they will be difficult to master.
Prove your strategic brilliance across many different game modes!