Never Forgotten - Kuya Emman Nimedez Tribute Article

First off, I'm writing this on my own will and words with no other intention other than paying my tribute to Kuya Emman. For the relatives of Kuya Emman Nimedez who might be reading this and the mourning community, I'm sending my deepest condolence to you.

I still look up to him and even considered him as one of the pioneer of modern Filipino vlogging and content creation. Born on April 3, 1993, Kuya Emman will soon become a successful personality behind the camera. But, yesterday marked the end of our journey with him in this world.

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Image Credit to Tier One's Page
Yesterday, our dearest Emman finished his battle. It is a really painful news for the gaming and vlogging community. But, I think we all feel that tiny bit of relief knowing that Kuya Emman is no longer suffering in hospital. He's now resting peacefully, watching and waiting for everyone at the respawn point. Right after that announcement from his own page, I did also wish for another day for Kuya Emman's life.

He's an accomplished content creator, director, actor, gamer, and singer. Personally, I've been a fan since his early years in Youtube and League of Legends. I can still remember watching him play in Celebrity Showmatch in Rampage 2016. I provided a clip below. And, oh, no one will forget those k-drama parodies he created that ultimately led to his title of "Pambansang Oppa".

He created a legacy that will never be forgotten. We all know that famous League song - "Legends Never Die". And the next line of it became true to everyone - "They become a part of you". He inspired a lot of people with his passion and dedication. He passed the torch to us and we're now carrying his wishes for the community. If you haven't seen the beginning of his story and the announcement of his status last May, here it is.

Before we continue, can I ask anyone who reads this to play his songs and videos on Youtube. Besides from reminiscing the times that he's still here with us, this will help his family and friends with the hospital bill. His friends and even the gaming community united to raise funds as part of their help. We, including me who doesn't have any amount of money on hand, can still help by generating views for his videos.

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Image Credit to Emman's Page and Peachy
Time surely flied faster than we expected. We saw his sufferings and now we mourn our loss. But, at the very least, as his fan, we had the privilege to watch his humble beginnings and the timeline of how he rose to the top and earned everyone's respect. As we were with him in his long journey of success and even in his battle against cancer, he is with each and everyone of us now. As much as it pains us all, no one can ever imagine how much more it is for his family, close friends, and to Peachy.

Before he went to life's next destination, he made a song titled "Uuwian" last July 30 with currently more than 2 million views. Along with this song, he constantly creates vlogs to keep us all updated of his status. In total, he created 3 songs with a combined views of, if not more than, almost 30 million. With 2.35 million subscribers on Youtube and almost 1.2 million followers on Facebook, it's no longer a surprise that we've all felt a great loss.

There's recently a circulating post of a scammer who disgustingly copied Emman Nimedez's post asking for donation and changed the bank and Gcash account numbers. Based from the photos, his Facebook name is Etum Araneta. If you happen to him resurface online or see him in personal, you can report back to Ate Peachy Bonifacio Santos. How can people do this and sleep at night?

Lastly, we've seen the news of GTA V players unite as they rallied in-game to pay tribute to Emman who fought until the end despite all odds. We all salute you, Emman, for your hard work and huge contribution to the progress of online entertainment - from directing parodies and short films, to content creation, gaming, and music production. We've seen and experienced your life and passion through the lenses of camera.

I think I'll end it here by providing his hit song "Teka Lang" that best describes our feeling of sudden loss. It's painful, yet a privilege, to write a tribute article to you Kuya Emman. I did my best to create an article that reflects my personal and the community's mourning. The time you spent with us in here might have ended already, but you'll always be missed.

Your memories will always serve as a lesson, inspiration, and a dream for me and everyone who looks up to you. You will never be forgotten. May you rest peacefully, watch over us, and guide us even in the afterlife. We all love you and may you rest in peace Kuya Emman.
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