New arrivals of Genshin Impact merchandise is now available on the Amazon StoreFront

HoYoVerse has been adding new stuff to its Genshin Impact Amazon store on a periodic basis and has announced that another set of things will be available in May 2024. This time, products from the offline exhibition series and the Teyvat Nature Discovery Tour are available in the official storefront.


Several of the artifacts are arranged according to the collections or events to which they belong. First off, all of the Kaveh merchandise are available in a single section of the Teyvat Nature Discovery Tour Genshin Impact merchandise. These consist of the $13.99 (PHP 812) acrylic stand, the $26.99 (PHP 1,566) mouse pad, the $6.99 (PHP405) badge pin, and the $21.99 (PHP 1,276) acrylic ornament. A $41.99 (PHP2,437) package that includes all four of those goods is also available.


Albedo, Beidou, Candace, Kokomi, and Tighnari are among the other characters who are further broken down by it on the Tour Series page. You can purchase $13.59 (PHP 788) acrylic ornaments, $9.99 (PHP 579) keychains, $6.99 (PHP 405) badges, or $29.99 (PHP 1,740) sets that include every item in that product description.

Similar procedures apply to the Raiden Shogun Offline Exhibition Series items in the Genshin Impact Amazon store. You can access all three products from the main product listing. A $9.99 (PHP 579) poster, a $26.99 (PHP 1,566) mouse mat, or a $6.99 badge (PHP 405) are available for purchase.


There are four variations available with the new Genshin Impact plush fingerpuppets. Nahida, Raiden Shogun, Venti, or Zhongli are available for selection. Currently, the game has revealed four out of the five Archons. They cost $16.99 (PHP 986) per and have a keychain function.


Four products make up the Wanderer: Fairytale Cat Series. They all adopt Scaramouche, also known as the Wanderer, whose image on products depicts him as a black cat with crimson eyeliner. A plush keychain for $16.50 (PHP 957), a sad keychain for $17.99 (PHP 1,044), a little bag for $17.99 (PHP 1,044), and a larger bag for $25.99 (PHP 1,508) are available.

The final two products in the most recent update are from the Impression Apparel line. One is a Hu Tao-inspired admirer. It will set you back $28.99 (PHP 1,682). The other is a $69.99 (PHP 4,062) Diluc messenger bag.


The Genshin Impact Amazon store received its last update on March 25,2024. The Raiden Shogun Statue of Her Excellency, the Almighty Narukami Ogosho, the God of Thunder doll, the Driving Thunder Keqing figure, and plush items like a Cuilein-Anbar and Hilichurl keychain were among the items included in that update. With the new arrivals of Genshin Impact merchandise, fans can expect more creative and worthwhile goodies.

Genshin Impact can be accessed on mobile devices via Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS, PCs, and PS4s.