New Ascension Class Askeia Arrives in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss announced that the new class "Askeia" has arrived in Black Desert Mobile. To celebrate, an array of events is taking place that reward lucrative items to help Adventurers and their adventures.

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Askeia, the ascension of Mystic, is a female martial artist with a burning martial spirit and a cold, calculated fist. She utilizes her body as a weapon with martial arts and performs powerful, close-range attacks with quick combos.

With her Blast Gauntlet as her main weapon and Martial Vambrace as her Sub-Weapon, Askeia wields rapid skill combos with powerful counterattacks against her enemies. Askeia's main skills are as follows:
  • Martial Spirit (Passive): Askeia's burning spirit as a martial artist strengthens her body, which she then uses to bring out advantageous effects in the battlefield.
  • Shadow Step: As Askeia's main movement skill, Askeia sets her feet on the ground and moves quickly.
  • Deathstrike: Askeia evades backward quickly, then launches targets in midair with a strong strike with her palm.
  • Fist of True Strength: With this skill, Askeia deals a powerful punch forward while moving quickly.
Along with her main skills, Askeia performs "Dragon Punch" and "Fury Dive" as her Succession skills.

Watch Askeia's combat showcase here and preview here.

Last but not least, to celebrate the arrival of the new class, an array of events awaits Adventurers. With the event "Collect Askeia's Martial Spirit," Adventurers can collect "Askeia's Martial Spirit" by defeating enemies or from Foraging, Mining or Logging and exchange them for valuable items, such as "Purified Water/Citron Tea/Clockwork Selection Chest," "Chaos Jewel x1/Ah'krad x3 Selection Chest Bundle," "Luminescent Crystal," and more. There is also a login event for Adventurers where they can obtain "Black Pearls," "Restoration Scrolls," "Chaos Crystals," and more by simply logging in every day until June 17.

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