New AYANEO Slide handheld featuring Ryzen 7 and a hidden physical QWERTY keyboard is now available

AYANEO has unveiled its new handheld device, AYANEO Slide, that runs on the AMD Phoenix processor. It's the Ryzen 7 7840U this time around, which has a maximum power consumption of 28W.


The feature that sets this gaming gadget apart from other popular handhelds on the market is a hidden QWERTY keyboard beneath its sliding 6" 1080p IPS screen. It may slide off the keyboard to maintain a smaller footprint, hence why it is called SLIDE.

Another one of the main selling aspects of this console is its reduced size. Despite its small size of just 6 inches in diameter, the screen can be considered high-resolution due to its 386 pixels per inch (1920 x 1080 resolution) and 400 nits of peak brightness. It is important to note that the screen is an IPS panel rather than an OLED one. The panel boasts an official color gamut coverage of 85 DCI-P3 and 100% sRGB.


LPDDR5X memory (unspecified speed) is installed in the system and is available in three configurations: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. It is compatible with full M.2 2280 PCIe Gen4 SSDs up to 4 TB of storage, which is another alternative albeit a little more expensive. The system is equipped with two USB4 Type-C ports, support for Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6E, and an SD 7.0 TF card reader with a read speed of up to 700 MB/s. In the unlikely event that it is misplaced or that someone tries to access it, the gadget features embedded fingerprint recognition.

A triple 8 mm cooper tube fastened to two copper plates makes up the 3+2 cooling system, which is new to the SLIDE. Its foundation is a single high-pressure turbine fan that is fastened to a heat sink with a surface area of 20304 mm. The system's retail temperature, according to the manufacturer, will be 46°C in 15W TDP mode and up to 61°C when using a 28W configuration; however, stress testing may cause the temperature to rise. But keep in mind that the numbers given are for the maximum fan speed mode.


As usual, if hardware hasn't been independently tested before release, it's not advisable to pre-order it. But even before the Steam Deck era, AYANEO, a business that has established a sizable community among portable fans, had tens of items on the market. The fact that AYANEO systems are still more costly and challenging to purchase than those of their rivals has not altered.

The AYANEO Slide can be purchased for the initial price of $699 (roughly PHP 39,000), but this offer is only valid for early adopters who use the crowdfunding platform. When the system is made available through additional retail channels, the remaining users will be required to pay at least $799 to $899 (roughly PHP 44,000 to PHP 50,000). This is the cost of the 512 GB storage option and 16 GB of RAM.


The price increase for the 32 GB model is $100 (PHP 5,500), and an additional $160 (PHP 8,900) will be needed to upgrade to 2 TB of storage, for a total of $260 or PHP 14,400 more than the base model. If users would rather not update their storage, they can choose a 4 TB capacity, which ranges in price from $1299 to $1599 (PHP 72,000 to PHP 89,000), based on the official retail price, Indiegogo retail price, and early bird price.