New BioShock PC Remasters Patch Fixes PC 

BioShock 1 and 2 Remastered on PC version got a new patch which was released by 2K, the fix we're all about the Players who have reported regarding the gameplay. The update is now live for both games. 21:9 Resolution is now being supported on PC version Remastered of BioShock 1 and 2. The offline mode has two different User interface mode to set the displays. Centered or Stretched or you can also now adjust the field-of-view from 75 to 130.

As for the specific games, BioShock 1 will no longer reset your settings if you shut down the game improperly and Speaker Mode is now a selectable option from the settings menu. Several graphical issues on Nvidia hardware have also been fixed, and new graphics options added for lower-end machines. BioShock 2, on the other hand, has seen performance improvements with DirectX 11 and fixes to several graphic issues with occlusion culling. You can see the patch notes for yourself in the lists at the bottom of the article.

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