New Black Desert Online Succession class system will roll out next week

Guild of Guardians
Heads up Black Desert players! Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss have announced that the new Succession class skills will be included on December 4!

A total of 16 classes will be receiving new Succession skills that will allow players to choose whether they want to specialize in their main weapon by giving up their access to their Awakening Skills. This will give them new skills that are focused on utilizing their weapons. This will be Longsword and Shield for the Warrior and Bow and Dagger for the Ranger.

The players on the game will be able to unlock these skills when they reached level 56 when they complete a series of quest that will be given to them by the Black Spirit. To start things off, Black Desert Online will implement the Succession skills with the Warrior and Ranger on December 4 and to prepare the players for this experience, a special event will be held in the game. A mysterious Knight will be in the game. Players can chase this creature and it will reward them with a 100% increase to the amount of Skill EXP that they will get. This will help them gather points that they can later invest on the succession skills.

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