New BRIX Mini PC by GIGABYTE comes with 13th Gen Intel Core U Series Processor

The 13th Gen Intel® CoreTM U-series mobile processor is used in these newly designed ultra-compact, mainstream mini-PCs from Giga Computing, a subsidiary of GIGABYTE and a market leader in high-performance servers, workstations, and mini-PCs. Users can gain from Intel's 7nm manufacturing process, which results in the Performance-core (P-core) and Efficient-core (E-core) architectures, in addition to a performance boost. All new mainstream BRIXs still deliver powerful computing that ideally fits in any IoT vocation, whether it be for office usage, education use, home use, digital signage, medical care, or KIOSK. This is in addition to their lightweight, compact footprint.


In 2023, the most current generation of popular BRIX goods will use a brand-new chassis. Despite an increase in computing power, the design does not necessitate a larger chassis. It has a lively appearance with curved, rounded, and twisted lines that make it incredibly unobtrusive. To achieve a lightweight design, it was built and layered in a simple manner, with oblique angles designed around the base. This gives customers a product that is both fashionable and elegant and offers the best computing performance.

Intel improved its hybrid architecture with 13th Gen Intel® CoreTM U CPUs, making it even better than our prior offering with 10th Gen Intel CPUs. In 2023, the new 13th Gen processors will have more potent P-cores for quick and seamless task completion, and upgraded E-cores for even greater multi-tasking, making it simpler to do several activities at once.


These cutting-edge processors also provide breathtaking visuals and unmatched connectivity, enabling both lightning-fast wired and wireless connections and an unmatched immersive display. Scalable versions of BRIX include BRi3H (Intel® CoreTM i7-1315U), which has 6 total cores, and BRi7H(S) (Intel® CoreTM i7-1355U), which has 10 total cores with a turbo frequency of up to 5 GHz (P-cores).

Additionally, the product features Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+), next-generation Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics, and improved image processing to provide you a BRIX that balances performance and value. The new 13th Gen CPUs can easily improve performance when compared to the older BRIXs with 10th Gen Intel Core processors, up to 88% in multi-threaded tasks and up to 140% in single-threaded applications. Users can complete more tasks because of the aforementioned advantages of faster surfing and increased productivity.

Screenshot 2023-05-21 202213.png

Giga Computing has created an ultra-compact, low power PC with amazing performance in a minimalistic style, challenging the very definition of what a desktop PC is. BRIXs expounds absolute simplicity and convenience, making it perfect for a wide range of computer applications in homes, schools, or workplaces. BRIXs establishes a new benchmark for desktop downsizing with a wide range of Intel mobile CPUs covering the whole performance spectrum. This makes it the ideal choice for a covert HTPC/multimedia hub, an ultra-low power PC for the home, workplace, or school, or as a digital signage unit.