New Class Nova and Roadmap Revealed at Pearl Abyss's Calphe:ON Ball

Pearl Abyss revealed the new class Nova and the 2021 Roadmap for the Black Desert IP at Calphe:ON Ball, the company's first online event for global users across all platforms.

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The event was held on December 12 and was broadcasted live on Black Desert's official YouTube and Twitch channels with support in 8 languages. About 70,000 users from 150 countries around the world enjoyed the event from home.

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One of the most exciting updates announced at the event was the new class Nova. Known as the last star of the kingdom of Calpheon, Nova wields the Morning Star and the Quoratum empowered by the Divine Tree Quturan. While she can destroy her enemies with a fatal mid-range attack, Nova is more powerful when she summons the spirits of the Royal Guards. Nova is a strategic frontline fighter who, driven by vengeance, is ready to take back her throne.

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The pre-creation event will begin on December 15 for Black Desert Mobile and December 16 for Black Desert Console and Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can play as Nova across all platforms starting December 22.

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Moreover, the Black Desert Game Design Department Head Jeseok Jang shared a roadmap to introduce future plans for Black Desert. Black Desert on both PC and console will receive new PvP content including a massive battle mode between Calpheon and Valencia, in which Adventurers from all servers can participate. "10 v. 10 Crew" was also announced and will be available for those who love PvP, and Node War will also be revamped to encourage even more lively battles.

Jaehee K im_Executive Producer(Black Desert), Yongmin Jo_Executive Producer(Black Desert Mobile).JPG

In Black Desert Mobile, the new region "Great Desert" will be accessible starting December 22, and unique features such as temples and new mounts will be available in this new region. In addition, a massive battle mode called "Battlefield of the Sun" will also arrive in Black Desert Mobile, and the game will return to a weekly update schedule starting 2021 to deliver more diverse content to Adventurers.

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