New CS:GO Map Tuscan now officially released and available for download on the Steam Workshop

One of the most iconic maps in Counter-Strike, Tuscan, is now available for players to use after map makers Brute and Catfood have completed its CS:GO rework.


Since 2020, the remake of the Tuscan map was known to be under development when community figure Nors3 asked professional players to test the map and to also check the work progress of Brute and Catfood. In February 2021, former professional player and current streamer Erik “fl0m” Flom, revealed the first version of Tuscan in CS:GO in a tour that he made.

Created by Brute in 2007, Tuscan is a bomb defusal map that became one of the most popular maps in the game. Since the release of CS:GO in 2012, players had been asking for a Tuscan port and only in 2019 did rumors surfaced that a remake is in the works.

Leaked by Gabe Follower, a famous CS:GO leaker, he said that the official developers of Valve’s FPS were testing Tuscan and only a few weeks after that, the official release of Tuscan for CS:GO was announced. Another map named Prime was also being tested by the official developers of Valve’s FPS, according to Follower.

As the rework for Tuscan is now complete, it’s now up to Valve if they want it to be part of the official active map pool of CS:GO. For now, for players who want to try the Tuscan remake, they can download it on the Steam Workshop and play custom games with friends.