New Destiny Iron Banner Begins Next Week

The Destiny's next iron banner event will be released next week as part of the Bungie's weekly update which was announced by the developers. November 8, Tuesday around 10am will be the beginning of the next Iron Banner also will end on November 15 around 1 AM. The game for this event is Control. As for the gear rewards, click through the gallery to see some of what will be available. There's some nice-looking gear to be had, including items for warlocks, titans, and hunters, as well as pulse rifles and machine guns.

Also in the blog post, Bungie showed off some of the daily winners of its Festival of the Lost Masquerade Ball. There are some incredible get-ups. Bungie will select winners ever day until Festival of the Lost wraps up on November 8. Winners get this new Resurrectionist Emblem. Destiny's Festival of the Lost Halloween event runs through November 8. Read GameSpot's previous coverage to find out what the event is all about.

source via gamespot
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