New Feature of Genshin Impact: Reputation System coming in 1.1 PC PlayStation iOS Android 

With Genshin Impact's newest update around the corner, let's talk about one of the things that we look forward to, MORE CONTENT! Specifically, the Reputation System that will come in the next update will give us new things that will keep us busy, busy enough until the next update comes? Let us see, but what will we expect with the reputation system? Let's talk about it!


Reputation System Overview

The Reputation System is the newest mechanic in Genshin Impact that will arrive in the Patch 1.1 Update. With our two regions, Mondstadt and Liyue, you need to finish their story chapters in certain arc, Mondstadt, you need to do at least Act 1. Meanwhile Liyue, you need to at least Act 2 to start the reputation system. There are things that you can do in which you can gain more Adventure Rank, Mora, EXP Cards, and other rewards that are featured in version 1.1 that will get us hyped to do this after launch. So what are the ones that need to be done? Let's take a look!

What to do?

There are various things that you can do in order to increase your reputation in certain regions. Both Mondstadt and Liyue will offer Reputation Quests that you can do daily in which you can gain more rewards. Therefore, it is best to clear them quickly for fast progression, just do not burn yourself in the process, 'kay?

First that you can do are Region Quests, these are quests that you can do such as World Quests, Main Quests, and others that doing so will increase your reputation in each region. You might have done some things in the previous version that you will get rewards when this kicks in. Yes, before we proceed, these missions will be based on your progress even in the past so you can get some quests done before you even start to tackle them all.

Another one would be World Exploration. If you have a knack to discover each place in each region then this type of mission would be great for you. Increase your reputation by exploring the world, gathering oculi, opening chests, seeking to unlock waypoints, and more. We basically have done this if you feel like you lacked content. Well, it will be easy to get this to reach its maximum.

Bounties are something that I want to know more about. Since this one will be limited with 3 bounties each week that reset per Monday. What you need to do is simple. See the bounties, hunt it down, claim the rewards, simple. Maybe they have big rewards that's why they are only listed for 3 Bounties per week.

Finally, Requests work like Bounties, there is a maximum of 3 that you can do per region and they reset per Monday. I wonder though if it will give the same rewards such as Bounties, but that's all that we know what you need to do to increase reputation.

Rewards of the Reputation System

The rewards are through the roof if you plan to rush in and face the reputation system and aim for the top when it arrives. Various rewards are given to those who will do their best and gain reputation with the regions of Teyvat.

One such reward is Resonance Stone. One for each oculi found in the two regions, Anemoculus and Geoculus Resonance Stones can be crafted as long as you reach Reputation Level 2 in Mondstadt and Liyue, respectively. Crafting them requires the Blueprint that you will get once you reach the needed reputation level. Using this would make a blue circle that will be in the vicinity of the search of the stones, once you find one, it will be out for 300 seconds and will only be used in their respective region.


Another one are the portable things such as the stoves and waypoints, each of them has specific conditions in reaching and thus make you create a portable stove in an area where you need to cook food while waypoints, you can create one per week in which you can set it up for quick access in the map. It is a great Quality of Life feature that will be unlocked by playing so it's a great win-win.

There are other rewards that await us but telling here would just pile this article up so, we'll leave it up to you but a resin solution is there and quick food access would be one of them so you better be excited to get them once the system is up.

The Future of this Mechanic

Seeing that this will be implemented in the next regions, this would give us a lot of things to do in the future. This may look dull and simple because we are just currently in Liyue and Mondstadt but as soon as Inazuma, Sumeru, and other regions unlock, they will have their own set of Requests, Bounties, Missions, and Exploration Quests to do. This is the start of a great thing going on in Genshin Impact, they just need to maintain it in order to be great.


With different Wind Gliders per region, new things to be unlocked, and guaranteed exploration as you need it to increase your reputation there you bet there will be things to do while we are waiting for the next regions. We still want our resin changes though. HAHAHA


Well, there you have it, a feature that will grow in the future that will be great content for current and future players of the game. Again, this is a step in the right direction, they only need to maintain and create more possible opportunities with the Reputation System, maybe they will have a different interaction when your reputation is high enough or you will have a place that you can own in the city of the region, the sky is the limit and we hope they can capitalize on it, without us spending our real-life Mora of course! Join the Genshin Impact discussion and tell us your thoughts!