New Furyu Makima figure from Chainsaw Man costs almost $200

A new Furyu Makima figure from Chainsaw Man is up for grabs. Pre-orders are now open for the 1/7th scale model that costs $197.99. Though pre-orders are now available, the scale figure’s release will be next year. It will only be released outside Japan in November 2023.


Makima’s scale figure stands at over nine and a half inches tall. Clad in her Public Safety Devil Hunter uniform, her look is completed with her hair pulled back into a braid. Her unique eyes are also recreated. In the manga and anime, Makima is in charge of people like Denji, Aki, and Power at the Tokyo Special Division.


As for her pose, one of her notable abilities was used, which is the force manipulation to attack opponents. The pose that Makima was in is one that would crush her enemy, as shown by her forcing her palms together. This ability of hers is seen throughout the series.


Aside from Makima, MegaHouse has also revealed that both her and Aki will be joining Denji and Power in their Look Up collection. If interested, you can pre-order through Good Smile Company’s storefront.