New Genshin Impact Battle Chronicle includes real-time stats tracking

The Genshin Impact Battle Chronicle has been modified by HoYoVerse to allow you to track real-time elements such as the quantity of Original Resin left and share photographs of your character data. It also included the typical feature that comes with every update. That is why the Perilous Trail event descriptions are included in 2.7. An Enhancement Progression Tool was added in a previous version.


In addition to Original Resin, the Genshin Impact Battle Chronicle tracks five other elements. You can also check if the four Daily Commissions have been completed once you log in. If you've already encountered three Enemies of Note, it'll note that you've used up the half-resin cost for them. You can see if the characters you have on Expeditions have been completed.


It will indicate whether the Serenitea Jar of Riches is full and must be claimed. You may also check if the Parametric Transformer cooldown has expired and set a notification to be notified when it has.


In terms of sharing, the Battle Chronicle now allows you to save photographs for specific portions. You can see your achievements, Anemoculi/Electroculi/Geoculi found, days active, number of characters, unlocked Waypoints tallied, Spiral Abyss level, number of Domains unlocked, and types of chests opened in a general summary. A preview of your characters, world exploration progress, and Serenitea Pot state will also be displayed on that screen. You can also get a picture with precise character information. This will show unlocked Constellations, current weapon and relics, and the Friendship Level. You can share the Character Overview Page as well.