New Genshin Impact Characters from Sumeru Leaks

The first wave of Genshin Impact 3.O Sumeru leaks were faced with a controversies. Especially the first 3 characters. The fans are disappointed with the lack of diversity in the character's skin tones. Several characters from the upcoming 3.0 patch have been leaked, with varying degrees of certainty. These include the Dendro archon, Kusanali, who serves as the new region's leader.


Previous speculations suggested that Dendro Archon Kusanali would resemble Paimon. According to the leaked character model, she will have a child model, similar to Klee, Qiqi, and Sayu.


The Genshin Impact fanbase had mixed reactions to the leaked design. Some fans are dissatisfied with the child model because for months, they have been speculkddating expected an adult female character. Lesser Lord Kusanali, the God of Wisdom, is the current Seven's youngest Archon, aged five hundred years. She took over when the previous Dendro Archon, the God of the Woods, died in Khaenri'ah five hundred years ago during the cataclysm. She chooses a young female child as her vessel for reasons the players are still trying to decipher.


Here are the list of the new Genshin Impact Characters:
  • Al-Haitham
  • Tighnari
  • Dori
  • Collei
  • Nilou
  • Dehya
  • Nadhia (Kusanali)



Dehya is one of the many characters recently leaked by the Genshin Impact community. She's the tall, dark-haired, dark-clothed female character in the leaked Sumeru character photo. According to the leaked photos, we will be joined by Dehya in one of the future quests in Sumeru. Dehya's Elemental Vision seems to be Pyro. She appears to wield a claymore much like Xinyan and Diluc.


Tighnari is rumored to be Genshin Impact 3.0's first 5-Star character. He resembles a short male model, but with animal characteristics, like Gorou from Inazuma. His character design was inspired by the Fennec fox, as his appearance shows tall ears and a large tail.


His personality, according to leaker Hxg Diluc, is similar to Albedo's. Tighnari of Genshin Impact is the Dawson Rainforest's Lead Ranger. As a result, he is dedicated to the study of plant life and the preservation of his homeland. Many players have compared him to the real-life figure of Al-Tighnari, a well-known Arab agronomist and botanist.


Dori's appearance is reminiscent of Middle Eastern culture. She's wearing tiny diamond sunglasses, and it's clear that purple is her favorite color. Dori, a young traveling merchant, is always carrying a claymore and a magical lamp.


Dori is bestowed with Electro Vision. She has a claymore as one of her weapons. Dori, after Razor and Beidou, is the third Electro claymore character in Genshin Impact. What's interesting is that it doesn't appear she's actually wielding it. Instead, her lamp's purple, round genie appears to be preparing to fire that claymore for her.

According to leaks, Al-Haitham uses the Dendro element and is a 5-star sword user. His abilities allows him to easily cut through opponents, and it appears that he works with or for the Dendro Archon. He is a mysterious figure who seems to to be linked to Sumeru's past. Al-Haitham will play a role as the Dendro Archon's retainer, much like Yae Miko did. Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun's kits complement each other well, so Al-Haitham and Kusanali's kits should do the same.


Nilou wields a Sword and has Hydro vision. She is currently anticipated to be a 5 star character. Nilou is not expected to be a healer, and her arsenal is expected to revolve primarily around the Hydro plus Dendro elemental reaction.



Leaks suggested that Collei would be a supportive bow character. Her elemental skill, according to recent leaks, will allow her to throw a boomerang that deals Dendro damage both when it deploys and when it returns. Collei's burst causes her to launch a small mechanical cat sidekick, which explodes and deals AoE Dendro damage. The cat remains on the field after the explosion, dealing continuous AoE damage.

There are still plenty of leaks going around, so stay tuned for more updates!