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    Online mode for Grand Theft Auto V has been launched by Rockstar off the new week-long event, which emphasis the lowriders which brings back San Andreas. GTA V Online is continuing to make your gaming experience more fun and keeps giving new updates for future use.

    There are freebies, bonuses, and discounts to be had each day in GTA Online for the next week. 25 percent is being taken off the price of a specific lowrider (and its upgrades) each of the first six days, dashboard bobbleheads can be had for 75 percent off, and some items at Ammu-Nation are 25 percent off. Logging in each day will also net you a free hat. The schedule for low rider discounts and free hats is as follows:
    • Monday (11/16): Declasse Voodoo, Strawberry hat​
    • Tuesday (11/17): Albany Primo, Magnetics Block hat​
    • Wednesday (11/18): Albany Buccaneer, SA hat​
    • Thursday (11/19): Declasse Moonbeam, Boars hat​
    • Friday (11/20): Vapid Chino, Davis hat​
    • Saturday (11/21): Willard Faction, Westside hat​
    • Sunday (11/22): Eastside hat​
    source via gamespot

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